GEMs: Discovering Music

I have got only one thing to say: WOW! Oh my gosh I absolutely LOOOOOOVE my GEMs. It is just the first lesson, fair enough, but I sooo love the lesson. Well, I am supremely passionate about music after all =) After going through the basics, a little bit about what music is (there was no definite black-and-white conclusion since everyone’s perception would be different) What we did learn was that there are 6 basic components in music: Beat, Harmony, Timbre, Pitch, Texture Melody. For our lesson, we were given 5 songs to listen to…and our activity was to write down anything that springs up in our minds. Before listening to the 5th song, our lecturer mentioned that this was one of his favourites. This definitely caught my attention. Once the song started playing, I momentarily stopped breathing. The song was so inspiring, so filled with emotions, the lyrics and the melody, I nearly cried just there. It was then I knew why he said it was his favourite (it was quite interesting that those who shared the same interest as me came from triple E) Here is the song: a combined duet by Boyz II Men & Mariah Carey ~ One Sweet Day. Enjoy =)


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