Start of school…

New year, new semester, new duties, new….classmates? Well perfect time to start a new blog I’d say. I have, after all, changed a lot since the last time I blogged…so I thought…hey why not start anew? Start afresh? Show the world the new me. Time to break out of my shell and be who I am, albeit the new me may be deemed strange by some people =/

DAY 0:

I freaked out when I saw my timetable for Monday…NO DINNER!! *cries* why? My official lessons ENDS at 6pm…and my diploma plus program STARTS at 6pm. But I guess the rest of the days are not too bad…except for Thursday when my lessons are from 8am – 5pm…on the bright side I’d be seeing one of my favourite lecturers for 4 hours!! ADRIAN!! =D Tuesday and Wednesday…two hour lessons…decided to put my GEMs on Friday…

OH for those of you who are unsure of what GEMs mean it actually stands for General Elective Module. For this semester, I chose Music appreciation. After I read it, my first thought: Oh my gosh I’m back to taking ABRSM practical exams…the higher grade ones…thank goodness for this round I do not have to listen to the harmony of the mini song played on the piano and sing it out…I hope >_>

Well…let’s see so far what I have been through…chronological order of course…don’t wanna’ confused my own already confused mind!


Nothing unusual…got up, washed up and boarded the train as usual…it didn’t seem any different to me that I was going back to school because to be dead honest I had been going back to school the entire semester break…for events, bonding with CCA friends etc. Anyway, I boarded the train and was just expecting a lonely ride all the way to school again…

…until I reached Outram Park. As I looked up, I actually saw my dip plus classmate walking in. We both stared at each other for a moment, and started catching up =D After I alighted the train, I saw my good old buddy old pal (yeah yeah sounds like Scooby Doo) LUKE! omg I’ve missed that guy so much! Been awhile since I last saw him due to cca stuff. Anyway I ran up to him n greeted him in a strange way…OI! Well we chatted for a bit, n I realized we were heading the same way so we could talk a little more =D That’s it for my first morning…at least that’s what I thought until I entered my lecture hall.

Apparently my first lecture was Consumer Behaviour. My lecturer called it: CB! Acronym for Consumer Behaviour … everyone was shocked! We stared at her for a moment (with everyone looking like they’ve just received a bout of stun-spore powder) before we started laughing. I was thinking…uhh why is it that the CASS lecturers know how to call it ConB instead of CB whereas SB lecturers don’t…Oh! And I must say my lecturer has quite an amusing sense of humour (I hope) cause it’s either that or she’s simply acting dumb o.o She was telling us about this one time when she was chatting with another lecturer, when she saw one of us (as in her ConB students). She so very nicely opened her mouth and said: “Oh! That’s one of my CB girls!” Everyone started laughing while I was desperately hoping that the lecturer she was talking to was a female ><” Well, overall though, I must say ConB was quite intriguing as I get to study a little on human psychology (which reminds me…where did my textbook go *looks around*) never mind i’d go dig for it later…

Now, my other module, Legal System and Contracts, I have the feeling I’d really enjoy this one. Crimes, politics, systems, even delving a little into humanity as a whole, in general. My lecturer, well she’s a strict one but I guess she is all right. At least her way of getting us to keep quiet is pretty much following the norm: students too noisy -> lecturers keep quiet -> students realize something is wrong -> students keep quiet.

Organisational Management is one module which I have the feeling would kill everyone. The memory work for this little baby is hell. My first thought for this module: oh great, back to bulimic studying: memorise a chuck load of information then ‘vomit’ everything back out during the exam itself. Luckily, we have a pretty amusing lecturer, although his questions were a little strange for an ice-breaking session. Basically we had to answer 4 questions:

  1. Where do you stay (everyone thought STALKER!!!)
  2. Are you attached (?!)
  3. Hobbies/Fetishes (Everyone was looking forward to the word ‘fetish’)
  4. Nickname

I decided to be fully honest although I knew it would freak him out a little. When he asked me for my fetish, I simply smiled and replied “Blood” His expression was simply priceless. Yeah call me sadistic but I absolutely adored his shocked reaction. However, lucky for me he could still joke a little with me so I guess it wasn’t that bad a start after all. Cant wait for our next lesson…

MASS MEDIA RESEARCH! THIS ONE! OMG! THE ONE MODULE THAT WE HAVE HEARD SO PLENTIFUL ABOUT! Yeah it’s the module that can bring out an array of emotions out of you =) Sadness, Happiness, Relief, Disappointment yada yada bla bla bla. Well I merely stared at the different quotes from our seniors and I thought: ‘let’s see who is the first amongst the cohort to break down from the overwhelming amount of emotions shall we?’ Not much was told about it apart from the overall module brief. I must state however, we had to do a pretty interesting activity during the tutorial: grab a construction paper and decorate it in whichever way one wishes to in accordance to what one stands for, could be a value or a brand or anything basically. (Mine was simply Loyalty, Ampathy and Sound) And we had to introduce our friends using this sheet of construction paper. oh well

Let me see what else did I miss *ponders ponders checks her hand phone*ahh yes! Digital Media Applications! My one tutorial which has me to spend 4 hours in the lab! Well, for our first tutorial, we ended up watching a bit of clips and staring at a few lecture slides. Oh! Not forgetting an exercise as well. We happily watched a mini french show called Amelie and had to come up with our own storyboard using the footage…basically cut and paste. Ho shit I just remembered how sucky I am at generating ideas. Oh well I just churned my mind but before I could finish my friends came up with something and so we used it! =) Our dear lecturer looked pretty amused at the ideas which our class came up with =)

FINALLY! MY JOURNALISM: FEATURE WRITING TUTORIAL! I guess this would be my favourite writing module simply because it is not as technical as my previous two and it is more of my kind of style =) One can go crazy and throw inĀ  a little more of his or her personal characters to let it show inside the writing ^^ happy happy me!

Well that’s it for my modules…whoooo…word count: 1210 words…holy shiiiiiiiiiii haizzz okay i promise no more looong posts like this =) Minna-san, ja-ne ~~ ^^


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