All right all right, I decided to write a poem cause I am too lazy to write out an entire prose/para of words to express my emotions. For some reason, poetry seems like a better choice for me. This poem is on how I am finally able to open myself up again thanks to my one true soulmate. I know I’m not a very good writer but still hope you people enjoy it =)

I can still remember, the days of darkness

in my mind oh so crystal clear

I never dreamed in this lifetime of mine

That I will find the light which shines like a dime

Losing my emotions bit by bit

Losing my soul bit by bit

Eventually becoming nothing more

than just an empty shell

Until the day you came, opening me up once again

Removing the mask which I have don,

In order to see the world once more

With you now my soul returns

along with the rest of my emotions

Though having too much in my heart it burns

I’m now once more able to show devotion.

Thank you =)

That’s it people =) Hope you had fun reading it XD

2 thoughts on “Awakening

  1. Zich says:

    Thanks, I am touched. I think you just wrote my emotions out too. My only gripe is the last two sentences somehow doesn’t blend in as good as the other paragraphs are. How about going without

    “I am now .. awakened” and jump to “Thank You” straight?

    I mean, all your paragraphs are so metaphoric until the end which feels kind of anti climax. All your stanzas are already describing the process of ‘awakening’ yet you throw in another “I am awakened” which feels kind of repetitive.

    I’m no poetic master but yeah –

    “Thank *you*” too =)

    • nurviya says:

      hai ~~ ty for your feedback XD i just decided to delete it off cause i can’t think of anything n i haf no intention of forcing anything out =D

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