Princess Resurrection a.k.a. Monster Princess

Think of your normal pre-teen male who leads an ordinary life in an ordinary world. Now throw in the fact that he dies and gets revived in return for eternal service to a beautiful looking female teenager. Now throw in vampires, werewolves and an android which is supremely heavy and has inhuman strength. For the final touches, this female teen is actually the daughter of the King who rules over all monsters. And there you have it! All the main characters for the series called Monster Princess.

To be honest, I am still in the midst of reading the manga. I have completed the anime series though. The plot is your typical fantasy/horror genre. It is a good read (or watch, depending on whether you are checking out the manga or anime) if you love fantasy which is towards horror, a more gothic feel. Of course let us not forget a dash of comedic element in there =)

The plot is fairly simple. It all started with this boy by the name of Hiro. He was simply looking for  his elder sister, Sawawa (who is seriously well-endowed and it becomes a bit of a running gag in the anime) . Following the address given to him on a piece of paper, he landed himself in front of an ancient-looking grand mansion. Seeing that no one was anywhere and feeling a little creeped out/amazed at the same time, he decided to take a walk.

Of course this was where things started to go haywire. At this point in time, we see a beautiful young teenage girl dressed in a goth-loli style: yellow hair and red eyes with a loli (small girl) pulling a cart which the female teen is sitting on. Somehow, the cart broke down and the two decide to walk. Due to some unforeseen circumstance, a construction going on somewhere near them had some issues. Next thing you know, poof! an entire beam dropped down towards the female teen. Hiro, being the hero (unintended pun), decided to save her by pushing her out of the way and ends up getting himself killed.

Lucky (or unlucky) for him, the female teen whom he just saved is the second daughter of the King of Monsters, hence her nickname Monster Princess. She resurrects him using her own blood, in return that Hiro serves her for eternity. Without her blood, Hiro would die again and remain as a corpse for good this time.

This is the start of a…hmm wouldn’t exactly say Romantic relationship…rather a very strange friendship between Lillian/Hime-san (as Hiro calls her) and Hiro. Oh almost forgot about the loli. Well, she’s an gynoid and her name is Flandre.A REALLY heavy one at that. Kinda’ cute huh? These three are soon joined by other allies: Riza Wildman – a half-breed werewolf (human and werewolf), Reiri Kamura – a female vampire, Sherwood – Lillian’s younger sister, Francesca – the equivilant of Flandre and Ryu-Ryu – a panda resurrected by Sherwood.

Throughout the show, they meet many enemies. We have your evil vampires, werewolves, merman, even mummies?! and other legendary creatures such as The Headless Horseman. The main plot actually revolves around the fact that all 5 royal children of the king are competing for the throne. They will resort to almost any means you can think of to get the upperhand and eliminate the competition, which in case is their sibilings. (Hmmm…I don’t think any of you would do that to your sibilings….right???? *stares*)

Lillian has no intention of getting the throne. She repeats this throughout the anime a few times. If you observe carefully, one will realise she seems very lonely and tired of all the fighting. Even though she ain’t human, my heart feels for her.

Well, if you haven’t watched it or read the manga, JUST DO IT! Nike (okay that was lame sorry =x) Anyway hope that you people will enjoy the story ^^ Here are some pictures…


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