Pokemon Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back

All right, I know this movie is pretty old. However, as they say, Classics are always the best =D (Okay fine, so far I only know two who said that. Never mind about that =D)

Here’s the cover of the book (Yeah, I both read AND watched the movie, crazy about it, I was) Don’t those eyes seem to be filled with anger and hatred? Pain and agony? All negative emotions thrown into one? Even Jealousy of course ^^ Kudos to the artist who did an excellent job in drawing the eyes =D Ain’t easy to portray emotions ya’ know? =)

Left: Book Cover; Right: DVD Cover

‘Who am I? What is my true reason for being? I will find my own purpose and purge this planet of all who oppose me. Human and Pokemon alike. The world will heed my warning. The reign of Mewtwo will soon begin.’ ~ Mewtwo

Don’t we all question our existence once in awhile? Especially so when we are feeling  lost or depressed. Well, that was how Mewtwo felt at first. He was not born through natural means. Instead, he was created, from the DNA of Mew.

When Mewtwo first opened his eyes, he thought he caught a glimpse of freedom, of being outside. Fresh air, flying free, the salty ocean…however this was not to be. In reality, Mewtwo was inside a tank filled with fluid. Those were simply memories…of Mew. He was not free. He was surrounded by scientists who wished to do nothing but tests on him. Think guinea pigs.

If this was not enough, he was again betrayed later on by Giovanni, leader of Team Rocket. At first, Giovanni fooled Mewtwo into thinking that he was treated like a partner. Well, if we knew what Giovanni was like, we would definitely sense something isn’t right. Giovanni announced to Mewtwo that human and pokemon can never be equals, don’t even talk about partners.

This infuriated Mewtwo and his anger was truly something to behold. Electricity cackled around him as psychic energy built up within his body. Mewtwo destroys  the armour which was originally clamped onto him in order to help control his powers (although one can interpret it was Giovanni attempting to control Mewtwo)

Mewtwo then flies back to the island which he originally destroyed. He questions himself and then vows to take revenge on the world, his heart filled with nothing but rage and anger.

We then move to the current day (don’t really know the difference in timing but must have been after Ash’s battle at the Viridian City Gym. Since Gary was one of those who fought against Mewtwo during Mewtwo’s test and they were both there at the same time) where Ash, Misty and Brock are chilling out with their pokemon.

As usual, a pokemon trainer comes to challenge Ash and knowing him, he never backs down from a challenge. A battle thus ensues with a remixed version of the first Pokemon theme playing in the background. Watching the battle is obviously Team Rocket (who ALWAYS fail in their devious schemes) and something else….who or what is this mysterious creature

We are dropped a hint later on when we see… (hands or paws…paws.) paws from beside the chair which the mysterious person/creature is sitting on. Calling out to a Dragonite and a mysterious women, he requests for Ash to receive an invitation. The sky darkens as the paws begins in a mini circular motion, as if the storm was beckoned by this creature.

I think by now, we should know who the creature is =D

The scene shifts back to a Pokemon Center where Ash and his friends are currently situated at. The three of them, along with a whole bunch of others, are distinctly disappointed when they realize the ferry to New Island (the place which they were invited to and where you-know-who is situated at) is cancelled.

A mysterious blue-haired woman attempts to convince them not to go, along with Officer Jenny. (Nurse Joy is apparently missing)It is also there where she tells a tale about Pokemon Tears. A storm similar to the current one once wiped out all life on Earth and the remaining Pokemon cried, thus restoring life back to those who lost theirs during the storm.

As you can guess, many of them deemed it as bullcrap. Three trainers, however, still decided to carry on the journey with their pokemon. Pidgeot, Gyrados as well as Dewgong. Ash wanted to go too, to prove himself. However, Misty had sense to tell him that their Pokemon are not strong enough to handle it.

Just at that moment when they decided to give up, a Viking ship came by. They sound kind of familiar, with a talking statue(Meowth) at the front. Amusing how Ash, Misty and Brock didn’t figure it out. Of course, since they were not actual vikings, pretty soon all 6 of them got swept into the sea.

Eventually, the trio reached the island (after nearly drowning and getting swept by wave after wave) with lots of help from their Pokemon (Squirtle and Staryu…can’t remember if Goldeen was there). They were then welcomed by the mysterious women who also gave out the invitation and begin making their way into the castle.

Of course, Team Rocket reached too. Thanks to Wheezing XD. Because they have no official invitation however, they had to become sewer rats. Walk through sewers ^^ (It is now we see Mew secretly following them)

After a brief introduction to the other three who reached, Mewtwo makes his appearance. We then find out that the mysterious women was actually Nurse Joy who was hypnotized by Mewtwo.

I needed someone who knew Pokemon Physiology,” was Mewtwo’s reason.

It is then that Mewtwo reveals his plans on taking over the world and that we see that he has no remorse for Pokemon and Human alike. No thanks to his past, he thinks Humans are a bad influence and that their Pokemon are nothing more than pathetic slaves. Pikachu’s attempt to convince Mewtwo that Human and Pokemon can be friends fail, resulting in a psychic blast received from Mewtwo. Ouch.

A small battle was first ensued between the clones of Charizard, Venusaur and Blastoise (created by Mewtwo and specially engineered to power-up their special attacks) and the original Charizard, Venusaur and Blastoise from two of the trainers and Ash. Before that, Mewtwo already showed a bit of his power by literally thrashing Gyrados and its trainer.

The originals proved no match to Mewtwo’s clones, who sadistically announced that he shall claim all the originals as his prize. Well…chaos erupted as trainers attempted to protect their Pokemon who were in turn trying to escape. Ash had an idea of returning his Pokemon to their Poke-balls. Too bad, it didn’t work. Mewtwo’s black balls still captured them.

The triumphant look on Mewtwo’s face was undeniable. Even Pikachu, who lasted much longer than the others, was eventually captured. Ash attempted to reach Pikachu before it could be cloned…well…he half-succeeded because he destroyed the machine by chewing on the mechanical arms =) This happened in the basement and Team Rocket was there too! (They were snooping around whilst those events above were happening)

The clones march themselves up to gather around Mewtwo. He gives the people a chance to return back to where they came from and thus escape the impending disaster. Of course, no one accepted it. As Mewtwo was about to destroy them, Ash returns, leading the originals to battle against Mewtwo’s clones.

He makes one attempt to fight Mewtwo himself and almost immediately got flung back by a powerful psychic blast. Ash braces himself for a hard surface but then a pink bubble pops out and cushions Ash. He looks up and all of them gapes.

Mew. The very Pokemon whom Mewtwo was cloned from. The Phantom Pokemon.

It was then decided that if the fight was to be fair, no Pokemon was allowed to use any special attacks. It was a fight with pure energy, strength and endurance. Mewtwo and Mew thus begin the fight, along with the clones and originals.

As the fight went out, Ash, Misty, Brock, Nurse Joy and the three other trainers could tell that the Pokemon were losing strength rapidly. If it went on, they might lose their very lives. All seven of them were filled with sorrow and pity for the Pokemon.

Amongst all the chaos, Ash could see one who stood out from the rest. His very own Pikachu who chose not to fight with the other Pikachu, even though it was continuously being slapped on the cheeks. Even Meowth and its clone chose not to fight, but just enjoy the moonlight.

Things came to a halt when almost all the Pokemon had lost all energy to fight. They crumpled in heaps all around the battlefield, unable to even move, all battered and scarred. Believe me, I was feeling really depressed at that moment, just like the trio, Nurse Joy and the three trainers.

Mewtwo and Mew were still carrying on though. They eventually crash-landed in the middle of the battle-field. Gathering all their energy, a pink and blue glow surrounded Mew and Mewtwo respectively. As they hurled their psychic energies at each other, Ash ran to the middle and yelled “STOP!”

He got hit by both blasts from either side. For one moment, his body was suspended in mid-air, glowing a light blue, before it dropped to the ground and turned to stone. Every living creature stopped and stared, with Mewtwo calling Ash a fool for trying to stop their battle and Mew tilting its head with curiosity.

Little Pikachu then runs to the middle of the field and prods Ash, who gave no sign of life. It attempts to shock Ash back to life. After a few tries, Pikachu admits defeat. Misty, Brock and Nurse Joy’s expressions were all filled with sorrow.

Shortly after, Pikachu begins to weep for its fallen trainer. Within a few seconds, all pokemon around the battlefield started to cry as well. Their tears reaches Ash whose body seemed to glow again. The last tears to enter his body was Pikachu’s. The sky outside clears and Ash revives. Everyone rejoices, both Pokemon and Humans, clones and originals. ( I so started crying at this point … it was sooo touching!)

It was at that very instant, when Mewtwo understood. Not all humans are evil and that it is not how one comes into existence but what one does with life that matters. Pokemon and Human can truly live as friends after all.

He then sends them back to the station terminal and erases their memories, bringing the clones along with him somewhere. They will now live in peace, where no one can disturb them =)

Hai ~ Hope you had fun reading the post. Sorry for the lack of pictures though =x Just couldn’t find scenes which depict the scenes. Ah well…anyway ppl, Ja ne ~ time for my lunch XD

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