CosFest IX Let’s Make Friends! @ Downtown East ~

YAY! FINALLY FOUND TIME TO BLOG AGAIN! Sorry my dear blog I had been quite busy mugging for my Legal System and Contracts test. Weekends…well all right I admit I ‘cheated’ on you. Was watching Disney movies and sleeping the day away – *snap* YEOWCH! WOLFY!! Sorry that’s my signal to stop blabbering and get on with the topic.

Well, for usual Sundays, I would most likely be stoning away. Not today though. Today, I’m making my way down to D’Marquee, Downtown East. Why? Hey! It’s COSFEST IX!!! *grins*

Anyway, I made my way down with my friend, Jit. No, I ain’t an otaku but I just love to bask in the atmosphere: People’s determination in not letting what society thinks about them sway ’em, unafraid to be who they are and to carry out what they believe in.

This was the programme for CosFest 2010:

World Cosplay Summit Singapore Finals
Anime Games World Music Competition
Asia Cosplay Meet Championships
Anime Karaoke Competition
Team Cosplay Competition
Doujinshi Booths
Graffiti Wall


The Asia Cosplay meet was a gathering of Asia’s best cosplayers coming together to compete for the title of Number One Asia Cosplayer. Produced by the Singapore Cosplay Club,  Singaporean cosplayers were invited to take part. Countries involved included Singapore, Malaysia, Philipines and Korea. The preliminaries will be held in each country locally and the top 3 winners will come together to compete for the Championship in…SINGAPORE!! WOOHOO!! Fans of cosplayers you MUST run down for the championships! Don’t care eating or dating! JUST DO IT! Nike (*cough cough* too much projects must have made me dead lame)

So what is cosplay (“costume-play”)? The term itself originated in Japan, though the activity is increasing in popularity around the world. It refers to the “practice of dressing up in costume to resemble anime, manga, sci-fi/fantasy, and video game characters.”

Cosplayers are commonly found in Harajuku and Akihabara districts in Tokyo. Containing many cosplay cafes, these are dedicated/catered to devoted anime and cosplay fans. The waitresses at such cafes dress as anime or game characters, with maid costumes being particularly popular.

As far as I know, the single largest event which features cosplaying is probably the semiannual doujinshi market, Comiket. Held during Summer and Winter in Japan, it attracts over thousands of manga fans. Cosplayers would all then gather at the roof of the exhibition center.

(Try don-ning some of the costumes in Singapore and i can gurantee you MIGHT have heat stroke)

(Back to the event)

I realised that there were quite a bit of anime characters being used for cosplaying which I have never seen before…felt a little strange. Even though I was out of touch from anime for just one or two years, it felt like more than that. I could still recognise some of them, like Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji, one of the Siesta sisters and Beatrice from Umineko, Naruto + Bleach characters, Grown-up Ash and May (*chuckles* inside joke inside joke XD), Pikachu and a Mew from Pokemon. Oh! Not forgetting a few Vocaloids: Hatsune Miku (normal, wedding dress etc., Rin/Len Kagamine… The rest I was completely *blank*.

In between watching cosplaying characters, I saw some stores inside the dome selling really swell stuff! We have original drawings of various characters, action-figures (well all right, I do not really like action-figures), postcards, keychains, doujins…and of course we have performances (which I did not catch cause the volume of the speakers made my ears bleed)

Saw Dollfies which were really really pretty. Oh, sorry. For the benefit those who do not know what Dollfies are, they’re basically a brand of vinyl/resin, ball-jointed dolls created by a Japanese company Volks in the year 1997. Owners of Dollfies do ‘face-up’ or ‘make-up’ on their dolls as dollfies usually come blank, having their face unpainted. Well, the store which sold dollfies, they did an excellent job making-up the dollfies, I’d say. Rosy cheeks, pinkish lips..I couldn’t stop looking at this particular Dollfie which had a dressing style that I absolutely adored! Goth-Loli XD Oh a trivia from my friend, Jit: Dollfies cannot be exposed to flash or sunlight, otherwise their pale porcelain skin would turn yellow. ><”

Hmmm…here are some of the photos I managed to snap during the CosFest:

Well, apart from walking around and running into random people (literally random!!! I saw my JC Lecturer who transferred out to NUS High and my ex-schoolmate, Shi Rong), I made some new friends too! (No pun intended with the theme of Let’s Make Friends) After that, I stoned with my friend Jit at an outdoor area and we both took a small nap in the cool afternoon breeze. (Oh, it did rain for awhile in the afternoon)

Well…that’s about it for the event =) Sorry photos will be uploaded later. XD Ja~ne!!! *runs off*


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