Games. Aren’t we all addicted to it? Be it computer games, or role-playing games or real life games etc. We could spend hours playing games which we enjoy, sometimes getting so engrossed in it that we forget about everything which goes on around us. We can become so in-tune with the game that we sometimes wish that the game was real and that the line between fantasy and reality is blurred.

Now, what if that wish comes true? What if we really do become characters in the game and the game becomes real. Alive. So much so that we really can lose our lives playing it. What happens then?

Doubt (Douto -ダウト-), also known as Rabbit Doubt, is a horror shounen manga illustrated by Yoshiki Tonogai. The series is revolves around a cell-phone game which has the same name as the title, Rabbit Doubt. It is a fairly simple game: in a group of ‘rabbits’, one player is randomly chosen to be the ‘wolf’ and infiltrate the group. Every round, the ‘rabbits’ are supposed to guess who the ‘wolf’ or liar is. Guess wrongly and one ‘rabbit’ gets ‘eaten’. The game ends once the ‘wolf’ is found or all the ‘rabbits’ die.

*spoiler alert*

In the story, 4 players of the game and one non-player decided to meet up and relax together. Their names are Yū Aikawa, Eiji Hoshi, Haruka Akechi, Rei Hazama and Mitsuki Hōyama (she’s the non-player). Before anyone knew what was going on, all 5 of them awoke in a psychiatric hospital. Well, okay fine, 4 woke up cause one was dead. Rei was  hanging from the ceiling and her cell-phone confirmed the horrific truth that they are all now playing a real live version of Doubt. Just like the cell-phone version, to survive, they must find the real wolf and kill it.

All of them have bar-codes imprinted on their bodies and these are used as keys to help unlock doors, helping them find the exit/wolf. Of course, as the story goes on, the ‘rabbits’ all begin to die one-by-one (more details on how they died, read the manga =]). This came to a halt when Yu discovered that Mitsuki was the one who had been killing everyone.

Mitsuki explained that she wanted to punish all liars to achieve revenge for her father’s comatose state, as her father was conned. Even though Yu first lied to her in the beginning of the game, that he had no barcode imprinted on him, she did not want to kill him. Others, however, had already been killed for their lies. Hajime tells the truth about himself and hands a scalpel to Yu once Mitsuki left and they attempted to escape from her.

However, a slight accident happened; while chasing them, Mitsuki fell and had her neck cut with the scalpel.  As Yu tried opening the door with Mitsuki’s barcode, Rei unexpectedly steps in and reveals that all along she had been the real wolf. Her reason was revenge was because the media did not believe in her power of hypnosis, thinking it was nothing more than a scam. This led to her parents, who supported her all these while, to die in a suicide. She then came to a decision: Manipulate Mitsuki, though the reasons behind why Mitsuki was chosen, it was not revealed. There were times when things did not go as plan though, as Mitsuki’s love for Yu was powerful enough to overwrite the hypnosis.

Releasing the surviving players and calling the police, Mitsuki and not Rei was thus accused as the murderer. Rei herself being present at the scene was not proven.

Towards the end of the story, Yu receives a call from Rei, who tricks him into saying a phrase that causes Mistuki to awaken in her ‘wolf’ mode. The ending scene is then shown Mitsuki approaching Yu with a knife.


Well, for starters, I was supremely hooked onto the manga once I started. Believe me, I nearly did not want to go for dinner even though I was starving. I was fairly intrigue by the twists in the plot. I mean, okay I must have sucked at thinking at that time but I sure as hell did not expect the ending, who the killer was and who the actual mastermind was.

Of course, I have to admit, a little part of me was nagging about its unhappiness of depicting wolves as the bad guy (Little Red Riding Hood/The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf). Not that this is the first time I have seen it nor do I have anything against it. Wolves are, after all, natural predators, always ready to prey on the innocent and good. The cycle of nature. I just hope that people do not misunderstand the true nature of wolves, which can be really beautiful, if we bother to read up and understand them.

Revenge is sweet. Well, at least in this story it appears so. In reality, some people can vary towards extremes in terms of their opinions towards Revenge. They can be really against it or totally agree with it. I personally am sitting on the fence, although slightly towards the ‘against it’ side. After all, revenge, hatred, it is like staring at yourself in the mirror. Who’s real and who’s the reflection? Who is the hater and who is the hated? It is easy to carry on the cycle of revenge, but it is not easy to break the cycle. There can be many reasons which result in one taking revenge, but usually it’s from a childish reason which somehow gets blown up to something really huge (yeah, making a mountain out of a molehill)

Well, that’s it for today’s post ~ Hope ya’ enjoy it! ^^

Ja ne ~


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