Music as an Energy Source

Eh, if you are expecting some sort of science theory essay theories on music/sound/energy, I shall apologise in advance cause this is not what this blog post is about.

Today’s blog post is one of my shortest. (Yeah, I admit. It is rather tiring to type out long blog posts all the time. Additionally I am feeling rather tired today and out of ideas for content.)

I realized over the years that neither caffeine nor sugar rush works for me. However, throwing myself (not literally) into a music store has similar benefits. Listening to music with my ear piece is not as effective but it does do its job under desperate situations. (which includes mugging for exams)

When I say ‘music’ I am mostly not referring to modern songs. Somehow those kill my ears rather than rejuvenate me as a whole. Maybe I’m just not able to relate to the songs. No offense to lovers of modern songs, of course =x

To me, chucking myself into a music store is like giving oneself an adrenalin shot in the game of Left4Dead. Temporary boost of energy. Music works in similar ways with me.

Somehow I am able to draw out the essence and soul of certain kinds of music (not all kinds) and ‘feed’ my own soul with it, thus energizing me. No idea how or where I got that, it was something that was in me for as long as I can remember.

Music is something that is more than just entertainment to me. I guess in a way it is something to boost my energy level, even if it is just temporarily.

Sadly, it is getting harder for me to find music nowadays which can achieve the same effect as those found in the earlier days.

Ah well ~


One thought on “Music as an Energy Source

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