MRT Happenings

Hmm…okay this is just a random blog test post to test the sync between my blog and my facebook wall, so hope you all don’t mind it’s random-ness.

Well, just a few weeks ago I bought myself a new bagpack. Completely black and it looks bigger than I am.

I have a habit of putting my bag on the floor if I do not have a seat on the train (which happens almost all the time ) and I end up standing for my train ride to school.

The strange thing is, every time I bend down to pick my bag up, I never fail to earn myself stares. Think they must be scared that I would collapse or something, considering I look quite frail and my bag looks darn heavy, not to mention it is bigger than me in terms of width.

(Actually the bag is a lighter than it looks.)

Honestly that is the most logical reason I can think of. I’m open to any other ideas or suggestions though =D


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