Blood Bond

I was on my way to school just now (as usual) on the MRT train. Trust me. Taking a half an hour train ride to school on a daily basis? It can get quite boring and so, I usually enjoy observing my surroundings. You get to see really interesting things sometime (although mostly it’s people listening to music and playing PSP/phone games)

Today was slightly different. Okay. VERY different. I saw a grandmother-granddaughter pair standing about a few feet away behind me. That already in its way caught my attention. After all, I don’t often see grandchildren with their grandparents nowadays, and definitely not at her age. (She looked perhaps around 18?)

Next to them was an empty seat and I noticed the grandmother was urging her granddaughter to sit and yet she refused. Instead, the granddaughter insisted that her grandmother sat down instead. It was then I noticed one of the granddaughter’s feet was in a bandage. Talk about filial. Awhile later, even though there was an empty seat right opposite, she refused to budge and leave her grandmother’s side. Instead, she continued standing next to her grandmother with her bandaged feet.

I admit. Even though I was half asleep, I was really touched by that act. Let us be honest here. How often do you see filial piety to that extent these days. A granddaughter who refused to sit and instead stay by her grandmother’s side even with a hurt feet.

People these days are getting less family oriented and more work/career oriented. It is a rather sad phenomenon.

Then again, to each his(her) own.


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