8 ways to make your water taste better

When getting myself a cup of water, I was reminded an article which I read from a Readers Digest issue.

I believe there are some people, whom like me, do not enjoy drinking water simply cause of it’s plain taste. Well, here are 8 ways which one can improve the taste of water. Great ain’t it? I’ve tried the salt adding option. Tasted better than normal water.

SOOOO why not save up money and try out these different ways of flavouring your water instead of going out to buy  packaged drinks? Enjoy!

1. Berries

Try cutting or crushing a few berries, such as strawberries or blueberries, into your water. The water absorbs the flavour of the berries, giving you the distinct taste of the whichever berry that’s used.

2. Salt

Adding a wee bit of salt into water helps your body absorb the liquid at a faster rate. This is because of the electrolytes that are found inside salt. Just do not go overboard with the salt otherwise it might dehydrate you rather than rehydrate.

3. Wine

Ever heard of plum wine aka Umeshu (Umeshu is made from the Japanese fruit Ume)? It’s so sweet that one can still taste the distinct sweetness of the fruit even with one part wine to ten parts water. You can try it with other syrupy liqueurs too.

4. Citrus

Try slicing different kinds of citrus fruits e.g. Lemon, orange, lime, lemon, calamansi ( a common small tropical fruit) and freezing them in ice cube trays. Next, put these ice cubes into water for flavour and well, since citrus fruits contain Vitamin C, those would be infused into the water as well. Healthy, flavourful drink, not that the rest are not healthy.

5. Herbs

Mint, lemongrass, parsley…they’re great for aroma but just a warning, your water might turn a hint of green. If you don’t mind the look, go ahead and try this method. If you wish to, you can try crushing them like berries and adding them into the water for flavour.


This spice here really adds a ‘zinc’ to your water. it helps with sinuses clears your throat during cold periods when boiled with water and the water is consumed. In addition to that, it helps when you have digestion problems or diarrhoea too.

7. Vinegar

Similar to adding citrus, you will get water with a sour taste infused with Vitamin C. Try it with apple cider vinegar.

8. Cucumber

This fruit adds a refreshing taste to your water in addition to giving off the scent of the fruit at the same time.

Now all that’s left to do is to try it out for yourself XD Enjoy! *sips her saltwater* ahh ~

information taken from: Readers’ Digest Issue November 2010


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