It’s a Small World 国记交意所 2 – Review

It’s back! It’s back! Season 2 of It’s a Small World is back! Hosted by one of our famous local stars: Mark Lee, this hilarious and relaxing talk show is a must-watch for culture (both local and international) lovers.

<It’s A Small World> introduces ‘students’ from different countries with a few including Romania, Spain, China, Japan, Germany etc.

In each episode (shown on a weekly basis) Mark will start off the show with a certain topic (ranging from Food to transport) and each ‘student’ in the ‘class’ will share their experiences and cultures. Of course, where would the fun be without games and demonstrations? Sometimes, Mark will ask the ‘students’ to act out the scenario with himself helping out with the act and maybe other ‘students’ as well. Games include modified versions of the game Concentration, twisted Musical Chairs and Quizzes.

The funniest part of it all is usually when the student makes a mistake (chinese words pronunciation error occurs rather frequently throughout the show; take it as a running gag) subtitles would appear, bolding/changing the colour of the words that have been said; which usually does not make sense and thereby adding onto the humor.

So, if you enjoy cultural shows mixed in with tones of humor, you MUST watch this show.

Want to know more? Check out this site: Webisodes, show information, cast information and much more!

Guranteed many laughs =D

Disclaimer: This show only airs in Chinese and has absolutely NO other language subtitles as far as I know. Apologies to those who would like to watch but are unable to.


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