‘Manga Guide to Calculus’ Book review

This book is perfect for all those out there…who either LOVE manga or HATE learning math the conventional way, (to be specific calculus).

This book follows the adventures of Noriko, an aspiring journalist. She would very much like to cover the hard-hitting issues for the Asagake Times, like world affairs and politics. BUT. Does she have the smarts for it? Thankfully, her overbearing and math-minded boss teaches her how to analyze her stories with a mathematical eye. Sounds impossible? Apparently it is not as hard as one thinks.

Inside, one would realise that calculus is a useful way to understand the patterns in physics, economics and the world around us; from probabilities, supply and demand curves etc.

Some topics covered include: economics of pollution and density of Shochu ( a japanese liquor), functions, fundamental calculus theorum, integration and differentiation, taylor expansions.

Regardless of whether you’re struggling through calculus or simply wish for a light, painless refresher, try this book.

I found this book in Singapore Polytechnic Library. SP students could try searching for it in there…after tomorrow when I have returned the book.

Some other series include Manga Guide to





Molecular Biology

Enjoy them all if you wish =D I’m going to have fun digging bookstores for the other series.


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