iPhone app walkthrough: Stupidness 2

I decided to do up the answers for the first 35 stages in this application. Apologies for being unable to do up the other stages cause I’m simply just that short of cash from getting myself a credit card and maintaining it. Here we go ~

Stage 1: Tap the Circle 3x (Just tap it 3x, no tricks)

Stage 2: Which Number is bigger? (Click 26. It’s literally ‘bigger’ in size)

Stage 3: Which is hotter? (The candle. Rest of the electrical appliances are off)

Stage 4: Pop the balloon from left to right. (watch this one carefully. there would be an extra balloon appearing on the left after popping a few.)

Stage 5: How many questions have you answered so far? (4. Just count the number of stages =D)

Stage 6: Which screw needs a bigger screwdriver? (The one on the left.)

Stage 7: Take the lift up. (Drag the lift up literally)

Stage 8: Tap in this order. (13, 25, 14, 18, 9, 10)

Stage 9: Tap anywhere. (tap the word ‘anywhere’)

Stage 10: Tap the circle exactly 13x. (just tap it until the number count reaches -1)

Stage 11: Take the lift down. (Press the down-arrow button)

Stage 12: Take a photo of the monkey. (Tilt your phone till you see the monkey then take a shot of it)

Stage 13: Put this elephant into the fridge. (Drag the word ‘elephant’ into the fridge. Don’t touch the picture.)

Stage 14: I am 3 years old. (tap and hold onto 3 candles.)

Stage 15: What’s the highest floor the lift can reach? (9. Think it’s something to do with the previous questions)

Stage 16: Turn the light off. (Turn your phone literally.)

Stage 17: Wake him up. (Shake your phone.)

Stage 18: Tap from lowest number to highest. (Start from the number at the bottom of the screen to the top then ‘number’ in the question.)

Stage 19: Turn the light on. (Don’t turn your phone. Just flip the switch somewhere on the right.)

Stage 20: The man fell asleep again and how many Z appears (8. Count the Zs. You were not supposed to wake the man up so don’t need to touch him.)

Stage 21: Help the chicken cross the road. (Move the road towards the chicken and beyond.)

Stage 22: Signal no smoking. (Rub the ‘smoke’ that seems to come from the cigarette.)

Stage 23:What colour is the shoes? (tilt your phone upwards and you’ll see that it’s blue.)

Stage 24: How many owls are there. (don’t be fooled. There are actually 8 of them. Start moving the owls around.2 of them are hidden *winks*)

Stage 25: Help the chicken cross the road again. (This time, drag the pile of rice to the other side of the road as far as possible)

Stage 26: Nail it down. (just nail the darn thing down by tapping on it)

Stage 27: Pick the right skill. (rephrase it: pick the skill on the right of the screen.)

Stage 28: Pick up 4 oranges. (tap the whole orange 4x)

Stage 29: Tap on the wrong owl. (pick the odd one out. for me, it’s bottom middle.)

Stage 30: Tap the tick to fail. (tap the cross to pass so tap it.)

Stage 31: Who is smarter? (-24, 5 x -2, tap both)

Stage 32: Tap the gold bars. (use 3 fingers to touch the rock at the same time and drag all fingers upwards, then use a 4th finger to tap the gold bars.)

Stage 33: Block the sun. (lift your phone upwards as if you are using it to block the sun.)

Stage 34: Pay exact change. (tear the price tag into half by using your finger to rip the part that says .50 so that you’ll be left with $24.)

Stage 35: Tap the red circle 3x. (scroll the screen upwards until you see the red circle. tap on it.)

So there they are! The answers for all 35 stages. Hope you have fun ~~


9 thoughts on “iPhone app walkthrough: Stupidness 2

  1. Mansu says:

    I just can’t manage to light 3! Only two lite up:( plz help

  2. Nell says:

    How do you rip the price tag?

  3. Ljd says:

    I can’t get the 3 carped to light either. I’ve tapped and held down — tried everything and can only get two :/

  4. Ljd says:

    I figured out what the problem is. We had our zoom set on our phone. You have to go to settings, accesibility and then turn off zoom

  5. Matt says:

    I have a 4th generation ipod touch and cannot get past touching the 3 candles for the birthday to light them all up. I cannot press 3 candles at once, 2 is the the max, and when I touch the 3rd nothing happens, some help would be awesome!

  6. maria says:

    Nvermind… read the replies above yours.. had my zoom on too. 🙂

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