Life-changing decision part 3

Since time started (okay fine I’m exaggerating a little here), my mother has had a rocky relationship with my dad.

Because of that and a lot of history between them, mother gets ultra sensitive when it comes to other women. Any eye contact, friendly chat of sorts, and she completely freaks out, accusing father of trying to flirt.

If you guys are thinking about pitying my father, stop. He simply dismisses her as being oversensitive, which probably was what shaped my mom to be like that.

Oh yes, father even chucked a bottle of lady’s perfume in his car. It was simply because he thought the car had a stale scent. Needless to say, he got interrogated by mother. She’s already that sensitive and he is making things worst. I hate these two. 

And so, the vicious cycle just went on and on. Even before I was born, the wheels were already turning. Things just kept accumulating. It go so bad that after I was born, mother bared a seemingly obvious hatred against my father. 

Since young, she tried her utmost to separate me from my father; I vaguely remembered giving father an annoyed look when I was 3.

For the silliest reason.

Patting my ass.

As I grew up, it became even more obvious. I inherited plenty of my dad’s traits: small eyes, long legs, logic, small built etc. Mother would enjoy pointing them out to me, especially my eyes. Always saying things like,

“Eee…your eyes so small! So ugly. You see, mummy’s eyes so big.” And I would get fairly annoyed. Oh, she comments on my skinniness as well.

“Ee…so scrawny! Wait people think I don’t feed you!”

This went on for a couple of years. I really envied those whose parents love them and commented on how beautiful they are, accepting them even though they were teased and tormented by other kids. I didn’t have that kind of luxury.

Father, on the other hand, did not make things easier for me. He would scold me for the way I was brought up by my mother. He would say things like:

“See, I told you to follow me, right? You don’t listen. Now things happen.”

Even simple things like doing the household chores, closing windows, I could get trapped between their arguments. Mother always has to do the household chores on her own, without help. Apparently, she is never satisfied when others do it.

When I offer to help, I’d get shoo-ed away. THEN my pretty idiotic father comes to me and scolds me for not doing the household chores. And I’m like, hey! she told me not to do it! And he goes don’t care what she says.

I really had this temptation to grab something and throw it in his face. He’s not the one getting scolded by her. I am. So obviously he can just happily yak away.  

As I remembered all these, I was suddenly dragged back to the present by mother’s change of topic. Again. This happens almost all the time in an argument with her.

Watch out for the next chapter ~~~ tee hee ~~

Chapter 2
Chapter 1


A Life-Changing Journey Part 2

“What do you mean, I didn’t?” her voice came out soft and slow.

“You never gave me any emotional support. All you did was shower me with physical luxuries. I don’t want those! I want to be free, not caged up in a palace-like environment. I want to go out, explore, meet new people, see new things!”

“I did! I let you go out for camps, I let you go out with your friends. Did I stop you? I didn’t!” her tone was filled with hurt, as if I had wrongly accused her of something; again, the guilt treatment.

That’s what makes me puke blood when talking to her. She plays politics. She only takes in information that puts her at an advantage. She doesn’t genuinely care about anyone else, only as her pawns.

“Yes you did, BUT!” I stopped her with that word cause I bet she was going to come up with something to rebut me with,

“Not directly, no. Indirectly, yes. You CONTROL my social circle. You ALWAYS chase those away whom you KNOW you aren’t able to control. You ONLY allow me to hang out with those whom YOU can MANIPULATE and CONTROL. If they are too street smart, you would not let me anywhere near them.”

It probably wasn’t much, but I could detect a second or two of hesitation. That was probably her trying to find some ways to divert the topic away.

“It was for your own good! You wouldn’t understand until you’re a mother!”

“What own good?” I countered, “If you chase away smokers, drug dealers, clubbers, drinkers, law-breakers or the likes, I wouldn’t fight against you. Maybe during my rebellious teen stage but not now when I’m almost a full-fledged adult and can think! You chase away friends of mine simply because their social status are not as high as yours; or they just don’t match up to your ridiculous screwed up expectations. Oh and I still remember you forbidding me from playing with two male friends of mine, simply because you THOUGHT their mother is a bitch.”

“That women was a slut!” Ahh, I hit a nerve.

“Are you blind? Can’t you see how she’s always using her body to seduce men?! Always wearing tight short-shorts, show her privates, so revealing!” I took a deep breath and asked,

“So? I wear sleeveless tops, short-shorts and tight tees too. If she’s a slut, doesn’t that make me one as well? And doesn’t that make you the mother of a slut?”

She shut up.

Well, temporarily at least.

Chapter 1

A life-changing decision (Part I)

Admit it. We have all argued with our parents at least once in our lives, especially in our rebellious teenage years. The typical complaints would be ‘my parents are so naggy’, ‘my parents are so controlling’, ‘i hate my parents’ in varied forms.
More often that not, our parents are simply concerned for us. True, some may be over-protective or over-concerned but at least they protect their own children from harm.
Now, what happens if the child has a parent who treats her like an asset and the other parent cares on a very shallow level; who abuses her in such a way that she is unable to seek help because no one believes her. What then? What happens next?

Based on a true story, ‘A Life-changing Decision’ is told in a form of dialogue (a pretty short one) between a young female adult and her mother. So, read on and enjoy.

“Choose now. Him, or me.”

The tensed silence in the room was killing me. I faced my mother, both of us standing in a rigid stance opposite each other; our hazel coloured eyes glaring into each other’s.

 Just a few minutes ago, I was nearly killed in a car crash, thanks to my mother. Impulsively stepping on the accelerator, she threatened to crash both me and her.

That was how she found out about her latest relationship with a male she detests to the core. 

Then again, that’s how she finds out things, through psychological torture. Yeah, my own mother, using that kind of dirty tactic on me. How sweet. 

“Are you deaf? I said choose!”

The tension increased by ten folds. I could tell she was getting madder, but I no longer cared. After her attempted murder on me, I was too much of a wreck to care about her emotions any longer. 

“Him. I choose him.” That did it. That flipped her switch.

“SAY THAT AGAIN?!” she bellowed. If it were under different circumstances, I would have literally repeated ‘that again’. 

However, I’m no sadomasochist. I know a cornered animal that’s about to bite back when I see one.

So, I quietly repeated,

“I choose him, over you.”


Here we go again. The all famous tactic which she just LOVES to use – guilt treatment. Honestly, I’m getting sick and tired of it.


“I gave you such a good life. I took care of you, I gave you everything you ever asked for, AND THIS IS HOW YOU SHOW YOUR APPRECIATION?!” More silence. I stared back at her without saying a word.

“WELL?! SAY SOMETHING! You unfilial, ungrateful -“

“No.” That caught her off-caught.


“No, you did not. You did NOT give me a good life. In fact, you gave me a life that was almost equal to that of Hell.” 

So what exactly did our protagonist suffer under her mother? Was it really as bad as she says? Or was it simply all her imagination? Stay tune to find out more.

iPhone app Review: Guess Phrase

This is a MUST for all those out there who love word solving puzzles. ‘Guess Phrase’ is a game application (duh) that is quite similar to hangman…without hanging any stickman.

How to play:

The objective of this game is fairly simple. You have a limited number of tries (18 I think) and once you reach the last try, you’ll have to ‘guess the phrase/word’

It’s not so simple. To put in a letter, you have to type in a word which starts with that very letter. For example, if I want to chuck in the letter ‘T’, I’ll have to type ‘The’ or any 3< letter words. There are two kinds of levels:

1. Purple: less letters to choose from BUT you can type in any of the letters to form the word as long as it appears in the keypad.

2. Blue: more letters to choose from BUT you have to make sure the letters are one ‘step’ away from each other; beside, diagonally, up, down etc.

Here are the few categories which I have come across (and some answers) Forgive me I haven’t touched it for awhile so I kinda’ have to replay it to have more answers XD keep checking in ^^

– Famous Thinkers

– Famous Quotes

> Subtle is the lord but malicious he is not

– World Cities

> Istanbul