iPhone app Review: Guess Phrase

This is a MUST for all those out there who love word solving puzzles. ‘Guess Phrase’ is a game application (duh) that is quite similar to hangman…without hanging any stickman.

How to play:

The objective of this game is fairly simple. You have a limited number of tries (18 I think) and once you reach the last try, you’ll have to ‘guess the phrase/word’

It’s not so simple. To put in a letter, you have to type in a word which starts with that very letter. For example, if I want to chuck in the letter ‘T’, I’ll have to type ‘The’ or any 3< letter words. There are two kinds of levels:

1. Purple: less letters to choose from BUT you can type in any of the letters to form the word as long as it appears in the keypad.

2. Blue: more letters to choose from BUT you have to make sure the letters are one ‘step’ away from each other; beside, diagonally, up, down etc.

Here are the few categories which I have come across (and some answers) Forgive me I haven’t touched it for awhile so I kinda’ have to replay it to have more answers XD keep checking in ^^

– Famous Thinkers

– Famous Quotes

> Subtle is the lord but malicious he is not

– World Cities

> Istanbul


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