Life-changing decision part 3

Since time started (okay fine I’m exaggerating a little here), my mother has had a rocky relationship with my dad.

Because of that and a lot of history between them, mother gets ultra sensitive when it comes to other women. Any eye contact, friendly chat of sorts, and she completely freaks out, accusing father of trying to flirt.

If you guys are thinking about pitying my father, stop. He simply dismisses her as being oversensitive, which probably was what shaped my mom to be like that.

Oh yes, father even chucked a bottle of lady’s perfume in his car. It was simply because he thought the car had a stale scent. Needless to say, he got interrogated by mother. She’s already that sensitive and he is making things worst. I hate these two. 

And so, the vicious cycle just went on and on. Even before I was born, the wheels were already turning. Things just kept accumulating. It go so bad that after I was born, mother bared a seemingly obvious hatred against my father. 

Since young, she tried her utmost to separate me from my father; I vaguely remembered giving father an annoyed look when I was 3.

For the silliest reason.

Patting my ass.

As I grew up, it became even more obvious. I inherited plenty of my dad’s traits: small eyes, long legs, logic, small built etc. Mother would enjoy pointing them out to me, especially my eyes. Always saying things like,

“Eee…your eyes so small! So ugly. You see, mummy’s eyes so big.” And I would get fairly annoyed. Oh, she comments on my skinniness as well.

“Ee…so scrawny! Wait people think I don’t feed you!”

This went on for a couple of years. I really envied those whose parents love them and commented on how beautiful they are, accepting them even though they were teased and tormented by other kids. I didn’t have that kind of luxury.

Father, on the other hand, did not make things easier for me. He would scold me for the way I was brought up by my mother. He would say things like:

“See, I told you to follow me, right? You don’t listen. Now things happen.”

Even simple things like doing the household chores, closing windows, I could get trapped between their arguments. Mother always has to do the household chores on her own, without help. Apparently, she is never satisfied when others do it.

When I offer to help, I’d get shoo-ed away. THEN my pretty idiotic father comes to me and scolds me for not doing the household chores. And I’m like, hey! she told me not to do it! And he goes don’t care what she says.

I really had this temptation to grab something and throw it in his face. He’s not the one getting scolded by her. I am. So obviously he can just happily yak away.  

As I remembered all these, I was suddenly dragged back to the present by mother’s change of topic. Again. This happens almost all the time in an argument with her.

Watch out for the next chapter ~~~ tee hee ~~

Chapter 2
Chapter 1


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