The Stupid Test 5 (Stupid Test Section)- iPhone App Review/Walkthrough

Okay, I am getting seriously addicted to the ‘Stupid Test’ series. Seriously. It’s fun, addictive, witty; tests your reflexes, knowledge etc.

For this 5th application in the series, there are 3 game modes: The Stupid Test, The Memory Test and Trivia Maniac.

The Stupid Test sees how idiotic or non-idiotic you are, The Memory Test checks your memory (obviously) and Trivia Maniac tests your knowledge on Trivia.

Oh. Did I mention that for each test there’s a bar below that measures your intelligence? Each time you answer a question wrongly, the indicator goes down and vice versa. Thus far, I only managed to get a high score for the memory and stupid test. (no, I’m not stupid)

Here’s the walkthrough for those who would just like to see the questions and not wreck their brains over what’s the answer.


The Stupid Test

1) What’s the hardest game in the world now? – It’s an opinion
2) If Pi – 3.14, then cake = ? – Yummy!
3) What’s the square root of pants? – Shorts
4) Why does the world turn? – It just does
5) The color green is? – Green
6) Why do we use the word “why”? – English
7) What weapon did German gunsmith August Kotter unload on the world in 1520? – The Rifle
8) The End is? – I have no clue
9) If the sun would explode right now what would happen next? – We’d be screwed
10) RAINBOWS! – Skittles
11) Just be cool and? – Collective
12) and Xboxes are the cheap scums while the Playstation 3 is a high class lady – It’s an OPINION
13) The color blue is? – This button’s color (the button color will be blue, so unless you’re colorblind…and no I’m not trying to make fun of colorblind people.)
14) What drupaceous fruit were Hawaiian women once forbidden by law to eat? – The Coconut
15) You are playing this, why? – It looked like fun
16) I like math so let’s give it a go: if x = (y*z)/a, what does y = ? – x*a/z
17) These buttons are? – Rectangles
18) What’s the main cause for cancer? – Unknown
19) So could drawing on your arm cause cancer? – Possibly (Uh oh…I always draw on my arms. Think I should start worrying.)
20) IS this blood on the screen? – Yes it is.
21) Hearts do what? – Keeps you alive
22) Everyday how many people die of heart disease? – 2,700
23) RAM! –  Just cause
24) What’s on the background? – Fern
25) What calypso singer founded the USA for Africa charity that recorded We Are The World? – Harry Belafonte
26) Square root of a Desktop Computer? – Laptop
27) Smoke? – Is Bad
28) 23% of all photocopier faults worldwide are caused by – Copying Your Butt (Unbelievable? Believe it.)
29) There are how many steps to the top of the Eiffel Tower? – 1,792
30) What city’s garbage collectors are honored by a street called Avenue of the Strongest? – New York City
31) Everytime you sneeze what happens? – Brain Cells die (Ouch! So you have sinus, good luck!)
32) What is the missing color from the background? – Tap the blue color button ‘This one’
33) Ice melting, oceans rising…- Global Warming
34) Red + Blue – Green = FREAKING PURPLE
35) Global Warming will end the world! – It’s an opinion
36) Largest capacity for a current stadium, ever… – 250,000
37) Where is a shrimps heart? – Its head
38) The stupid meter measures? – Stupidity
39) The Skull in the background is? – Jolly Roger
40) What question are you on right now? 40
41) The human brain has about how many neurons? – 100 billion
42) Blue x 1; Red x2; Blue x1 – Just tap accordingly…
43) Green x 1| Blue x 2| Blue x 1| Red x 4| Yellow x 1 – Continue…
44) How big is space? – FREAKING BIG
45) A happy ghost – Casper
46) Dots – The Background
47) Sparkles – 4th of July
48) Taylor Swift – is country
49) Clay Aiken – is cooll
50) Square root of shorts – Short Shorts
51) Square root of short shorts – Underwear
52) Square root of underwear?!?! – Nothing
53) Wendy’s – is a nice lady
54) This background is made out of? – Colors
55) Why is the capital of United States named after 2 different people? – Its not
56) Frozen waste land, cold weather all the time… – My freezer
57) % of the brain is water? – 80%
58) Teletubbies – BABY IN A SUN!
59) EXTREME Teletubbies – Windmillo Death
60) The average human scalp has how many hairs? – 100,000
61) What’s hidden in the background…? – An eyeball
62) Favourite Letter? – Z
63) Are you afraid of death? – Harry Potters not
64) Are you afraid of monkeys? NO!
65) Are you afraid of clowns? YEA!
66) OPPOSITE! Genius – Anti Genius
67) OPPOSITE! Explosion – No Explosion
68) OPPOSITE! Gummy Bear – A Rock
69) What computer was introduced in 1984 Super Bowl ads? Macintosh
70) Guess what question you are on! 70
71) What planet has a storm system called the Great Red Spot? Jupiter
72) Texts-a-Day Sent Worldwide! – 10 billion
73) Hoi Polloi! – The Masses!
74) This Background is a? Conflagaration
75) SCAMBLE! Up a mountain
76) HA, Do you remember? – What?
77) What transparent material is produced by heating lime, sand and soda? – Glass (I had the privilege of seeing the process 8D)
78) Chunder – Puke
79) Under the lights! – The Moon
80) YOu ready for the next 20 questions? We’re ranking up the difficulty! – Yes
81) Bhla! OMG!
82) IN THE WORLD OF BUNNIES – Lots o love
83) What 20th century conflict was dubbed “forgotten war” despite 54,246 U.S. deaths? – The Korean War
84) What term for “bipolar disorder” has fallen out of general use? – Manic Depression
85) Which country’s soccer team was captained by Dunga? – Brazil
87) What California city did the last Pony Express ride end in? – Sacramento
88) What modern vehicle was invented to circumvent trench warfare? – Tank
89) Who earned infamy for noting: “A billion dollars isn’t worth what it used to be”? – J Paul Getty.
90) What formerly independent city became a borough of New York City in 1898? – Brooklyn
91) In which sport were Lonsdale Belts awarded? – Boxing
92) What English rock band had the late great Keith Moon as a drummer? – The Who
93) HIPPO! – Platypus
94) In what George Orwell novel do barn dwellers insist “four legs good, two legs bad”? – Animal Farm (I read this when I was young, but only fully comprehended it when I was older)
95) pickles…or tomatoes? – Cheese
96) EXTREME BUTTONS! Bx3, Yx1, Gx2, Bx1, Rx5, Gx1
97) % of Americans don’t know that the sun is a star? – 45%
98) How long was shortest War in history? – 45 minutes (the Anglo-Zanzibar War)
99) When was the first Stupid Test released? – 25th August, 2007

AND THERE WE HAVE IT!! THE COMPLETE CHEAT ANSWER GUIDE TO ALL 99 QUESTIONS IN THIS TEST. If you’re curious, it took me 3 days to complete this XD Now, have fun being experts =D


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