Dragon Nest (SEA) review

Ha ha ~ to all gamers out there I believe most, if not all, have heard of one of the latest games – Dragon Nest. (not to be insulting but sometimes when people say it, I mishear it as Dragon Ass =/) Well I decided to do a mini review on this game after playing it for quite some time (aka a few weeks or months? can’t rmb)

What I think

The characters in Dragon Nest come across to me as – you got it – cute. Think doe-eyed chibi elves running around carrying a variety of weapons. HOWEVER, that’s not the reason why I am still playing the game. In truth, I rather like the overall scenery and game layout. We have three main cities: Mana Ridge, Ironwood Village and Carderock Pass (as far as I know Saint’s Haven is not out yet in the version that I’m playing. DRAGON NEST SEA!!! Y U NO UPDATE SAINT’S HAVEN IN?!?!) and other areas where we go to for various dungeons. I think it’s a whole lot easier compared to some other mmorpg games. As a fan of mmorpg games, I enjoy downloading random games and playing them. So far, the list of games I have tried out are:

  1. Maple (didn’t last for more than a few weeks)
  2. Fiesta (Lasted quite awhile)
  3. WOW ( Lasted quite awhile)
  4. Shaiya (still playing)
  5. Cabel Online (Lasted awhile)
  6. 9Dragons (still playing)
and many more which I can’t recall their names.
Personally, I prefer having a main town and going off to do quests in separate dungeons. It makes things a whole lot easier especially when clearing quests at the end of it all. Truth be told, the idea of having to run around an entire map just to look for NPCs is a turn-off for me. I like having my NPCs gathered at one place thank you very much.
Though there are different main cities/towns, the lower levelled characters would start in Mana Ridge and Ironwood Village, before moving onto Carderock Pass. The game would normally steer you in a direction that allows you to complete all (or most) of your quests in the ‘Beginner’ areas (Mana Ridge and Ironwood) before moving on.  That way, the chances of you running back and forth between towns are lowered drastically. Even for quests that requires you to run around looking for people, it is mostly in the town itself or just one or two gates away. You don’t have to run/walk/crawl/slither (depending on what character you choose in any games) halfway round the world.
Another thing, I’m not sure whether it’s on purpose, but I would like to think that the creators of Dragon Nest have a sense of humour. If you listen to the NPC’s dialogue when talking to them, listen and not see, you would notice some fairly amusing statements. An example is by Deckard found in Carderock Pass: “Let’s go kick some dragon’s *cough* behind” There are quite a few others, so just explore and have fun finding out.
Of course, I hope that in the future we could customise our characters even more. At the moment, the genders for each class is limited: Warriors and Clerics are ALWAYS males, while Archers and Sorceress are ALWAYS females. And do take note if you are playing with your friends. Choosing different classes might land you in different starting areas and strategise a little if you would like to play the Abyss (aka the HARDEST) stage of any dungeons.
Bite-sized Information/tips about the game
If you choose a Warrior or Archer, you would find yourself starting off at Ironwood Village; whereas selecting a Sorceress or Cleric lands you over at Mana Ridge.
You can enhance your items at the Merchant shop – earlier staged items require just a few coppers, but late-game items would require jewel fragments. Before starting any dungeon quests in the beginning, enhance your items till a +6 appears behind their names. Trust me, it makes a whole lot of difference and your levelling journey will be much easier.
If, by any chance, you happened to make a mistake in the process of increasing your skill level, do not fret. As long as you are still below level 15, you’ll get a chance to reset your skill points at level 15. After that, however, you’ll have to plan your skills properly because there’s no second chance…unless you restart your character.