Body Shop 2-in-1 Blusher and Lipstick Product

I may be a bit stingy when it comes to splurging money on things I don’t really use. However, make-up is an exception. I have heard of a gazillion horror stories regarding make-up leading to sensitive skin over years of usage. Thus, it’s about the ONLY thing I find it worthwhile to splurge on.

When I stepped into the shop, I was ready to spend quite a bit of money to purchase a lipstick, blusher and foundation – bare essentials since my skin condition is rather decent (as said by others, not myself). I don’t really enjoy eyeshadows cause for some reason, my eyelids are structured in such a way that it requires a LOT more eyeshadow to be used just to be seen as compared to others.

I hardly purchase make-up (yes, I’m a female but I don’t know how to purchase make-up, much less put it on. Oh the shame!) and thus I sought help from the make-up expert in-charge of the branch at Clementi Central. After explaining what tone suits me the best (something red-toned for my fair skin), he whipped out this 2-in-1 blusher and lipstick product. Took a screenshot of it:

My 2-in-1 Lipstick cum Blusher (Outside)

My 2-in-1 Lipstick cum Blusher (Inside)

Either it is part of their marketing ploy, or I am one lucky person, or both. While their competitors are selling this product at around $50 ++ the price, Clementi Branch Body Shop sold it at only $22.90.

Using it is really simple. Here are the steps for both lipstick and blusher purposes and both are fairly straight forward


  1. Apply liquid on (preferably) your ring finger
  2. Smear it across your lips as you would for a normal lip gloss/balm

* I wouldn’t recommend putting it directly on your lips unless you don’t mind indirectly kissing yourself


  1. Dab liquid on the apple of your cheeks
  2. Use a brush or your fingers to smear it across as you would for a normal blusher (in circular motions)

Talk about worth it. If you’re on a budget, this product is a MUST in your make-up inventory.


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