Filter Members Club vs. ACJC and CHIJ

Full article:

Oh ho. I was WAITING for this article to be published. Knew it would only be a matter of time before someone said something about it and it becomes big news. After all, it DOES involve two rather prestigious school AND their reputations.

I am tempted to flame Filter members club in this post but I shall refrain from doing so. Partly cause I think there has been enough flaming and shooting-down of their club and partly cause I don’t see the point of adding fuel to the fire. As far as I can see, the fire’s already grown pretty big, no?

ANYWAY, my personal take on it is obviously…


I understand that it is worldwide knowledge for business to want to market themselves with ever-improving new and innovative ideas. However, this just crossed the line to being an ass. Filter Members Club probably just made themselves a public enemy.

It’s wrong on so many levels – especially under the Morals and Ethics category. When I saw the logos and the captions, the best way to describe my reaction was this meme –

Don’t worry I didn’t literally have a gun with me. It’s against the laws in my country. (good thing it is, otherwise I wouldn’t exactly feel safe taking a night stroll for supper.)

And needless to say…this was running through my mind…

used memegenerator to generate this image

I sit here, wondering what those people who came up with the idea were thinking.

Scratch that. Were they even thinking?

Their actions have left a deep impact on the school’s reputation as well as the students in there. I quite pity them to be honest, innocent parties having their reputation tainted cause of some very off-the-charts marketing tactic. (Of course, if the students themselves helped boost the wrong kind of reputation…then…shame on them =])

To quote Mr Chandra Mohan, honorary secretary of the ACS OBA”The poster was an infringement of a trademark. What the club did was wrong, and in bad taste.”

and chairman of the CHIJ School Board of Management Vivienne Lim “(The School Crest) should not be used in a frivolous manner nor in connection with inappropriate or demeaning circumstances”

Essentially, Filter Members Club just shot themselves in the foot (note: this article is in no way linked to Filter Members Club controversy).

And…to those who think that it’s funny, regardless of whether you’re a student there or not, have you thought of how others would feel at such a prospect? How degrading it can be?

I’m not telling you HOW to think or WHAT to think. That’s entirely up to you. Just giving ya something to think about.

In the meantime…i am looking forward to updates on this article.

See ya everyone!

Home-made sore throat remedies

It’s pretty common to have a bout of sore throats and coughs after the festive season from eating too much goodies. I got a bad throat myself…except I didn’t exactly eat any goodies at all. (Oh, the irony!)

BUT! There’s a silver lining to every grey cloud! I got to find out some interesting methods of curing my throat:

  1. Grab a cold can of coke and sprinkle some salt. Apparently, there’s some chemical in coke  that helps spread the salt around and we all know that salt helps kill bacteria.
  2. Add honey to water and some lemon juice. This concortion helps calm and soothe my throat. It works wonders. If I don’t have time to make it, I’ll buy some from the nearest Traditional Chinese Medicine store…only for SGD$1
  3. Drink lots of ‘cooling’ liquid. Note – I said cooling and not cold. If you’re having a cough/sore throat, it probably means your body is dead heaty and thus you’ll have to ‘cool’ down your body. That means no milo/horlicks/that hot cup of coco you always take before you sleep. Try lemonade tea or watermelon juice. Oh and it’s an excellent excuse to drink soft drinks too. (yay for kids and soft-drink lovers out there!)
  4. Fight poison with poison. I don’t know if this works but some of my friends say it does. Never exactly had the guts to try it. So yeah, fight poison with poison. Since your body is already heated up, grab more heaty stuff. Spam chocolates, coco, mango, durian etc. Your body is bound to heal sooner or later, right?
  5. Eat strepsils or suck on lozenges. Both have medicinal value so it SHOULD work in keeping your throat calm and at ease.
  6. NO CHICKEN! NO FRIED STUFF! Chicken causes inflammation in the throat which would just further irritate it and cause you to cough more. Fried stuff obviously we all know why. It’ll just rocket your body heat up sky high. (unless you’re going for the Fight Poison with poison method)

If all else fails, PLEASE SEE A DOCTOR!

Thank you. Now back to work. BYEEEEEEEEE

iPhone Gelato Mania Walkthrough (World 1 Level 19-27)

Sooo here’s the next 9 levels! I’m really sorry for the slow and infrequent updates ><” Happens when you’re working =p sorry work comes first for me after all ^^ HAHAHAHA! Ok let’s get on with it…

Level 19: Pink Plate -> Ball-shape thing with beads -> Green Bucket -> Remove Ball-Shape thing

Level 20: Ball-shape thing with beads -> Pink Bucket -> Horizontal Ring -> Brown Bucket -> Remove Horizontal ring -> Mini left pink scoop -> Mini left green scoop -> Mini right cream scoop -> Mini brown cream scoop

Level 21: Horizontal Ring -> Pink Bucket -> Brown Plate -> Remove Horizontal Ring -> Blend -> Mini left brown scoop, Mini right brown scoop -> Close Shelf -> 4 drops of Red Syrup -> 2 Shakes of Rainbow Sprinkles -> Cherry

Level 22: Horizontal Ring -> Pink Bucket -> Vertical Ring (DO NOT REMOVE HORIZONTAL RING) -> Brown Bucket -> Remove Both Rings -> Blend -> Mini Left cream scoop -> Mini left brown scoop -> Close Shelf -> Cream -> Cherry

Level 23: Horizontal Ring -> Pink Bucket -> Brown Plate -> Mask with eye holes -> Green Bucket -> Mini right cream scoop -> 4 drops of Yellow Syrup -> Cherry

Level 24: Helmet -> Brown Bucket -> Remove Helmet -> Ball-shape thing with beads -> Pink Bucket -> New scoop of ice-cream -> 2 Shakes of brown sprinkles

Level 25: Brown Bucket -> Vertical Ring -> Cream Bucket -> New Scoop of Ice-cream -> Sunglasses -> Brown Bucket -> Horizontal Ring AND Vertical Ring -> Cream Bucket -> Mini Left Cream Scoop -> Mini Right Cream Scoop -> 4 drops of Brown Syrup

Level 26: Pink Bucket -> Helmet -> Cream Bucket -> Vertical Ring -> Cream Bucket -> Cherry

Level 27: Pink Bucket -> Helmet -> Cream Bucket -> Balls shape thing with beads -> Brown Bucket -> 2 shakes of peanut sprinkles

Look out for more! I should be able to update this tonight…for the rest of the World I stages.


Texting While Walking

In this tech-savvy-constantly-relying-on-mobile-phones generation, I am pretty sure that most of us do text while we walk. (Either that or we play games, LIKE ME!)

Anyway, I came across this video today on Facebook and I just had to post it. It’s apparently a Public Service Announcement with regards to the dangers of Texting while walking. Take a look:

I like this video cause it’s kinda funny, yet enlightening at the same time. What are your thoughts on texting while walking?

Personally, I do that. BUT I do look up every once in awhile to ensure that I’m not walking into anything and also when I’m crossing the road.

Be safe and have fun!


I have heard many horror stories about rebonded hair since I was a little girl (mostly from my mother. She has this very controlling aura about her that scares you into submission. Not protective. Controlling.)

BUT. I ended up going for one nevertheless…after 20 years of living in this world with wavy/curly hair that’s constantly in a mess and with added stress from home + school, it got into a horrendous state.

So off to the saloon I went, wanting to get hair treatment. The hair stylist took one look at my hair and said ‘Rebond. THEN treatment.’ At first I was reluctant, but after finding out that my hair was in a REALLY bad state that I have virtually no choice but to nuclear bomb it, I agreed.

1 hour was spent simply untangling my hair. The rest of the 3-4 hours was for the actual rebonding process:

Hair rebonding is a process where the chemical bonds in your hair are broken, rearranged and bonded back again permanently using very strong chemicals. It is one of the most damaging things you can do to your hair.

During rebonding, perming lotion is added to soften the hair and break down its bonds. After this is washed off, hair is placed between 2 metal plates of an electric styling device, which uses heat to pull the hair rod-straight. A neutralizer is then applied to reset the bonds and stabilize the hair.

Hair is irreversibly altered after the perming process. Chemically-treated hair shafts are weaker and fracture more easily. This can lead to hair loss.

Hair become fragile and has to be handled with extreme care after treatment. A natural reflex, like tucking your hair behind your ears or tying your hair in the first month after treatment, can be disaster.

The process can also cause damage and burns to the skin and scalp. For example hair can be damaged if the various chemicals are left on the hair for too long, or if ironing is done with an iron at higher than 180ºc.

Conventional methods of straightening hair use hair-straightening lotions, which result in dry, brittle, and split-ends prone hair. Rebonding gives you softer hair but higher risks because it uses more toxic chemicals. 


It’s not that part that’s a killer. It’s the maintenance part. Here are some Dos and Dont’s –


  • Wash your hair regularly (everyday or alternate days if you’re busy like me) with shampoo and conditioner
  • Oil your hair regularly (I use a mixture of Loreal hair serum anti-frizz series and Mythic Oil every day )
  • Go for deep steaming/oiling once every month
  • I use hair mask once every two weeks
  • Eat proper and regular meals and make sure they contain as much proteins as possible cause that’s what your hair consumes to grow and stay healthy
  • Comb your hair (I use this bamboo comb that I bought from The Body Shop for only a few bucks) and be gentle when doing so


  • Wash your hair for the first 3-4 days after your rebonding session
  • Brush your hair.
  • Apply conditioner on your scalp. It will simply make it even more oily.
  • Use hot water and wash your hair. Lukewarm is okay. Cold is even better but my body can’t withstand cold temperatures so I compromise.
  • Don’t go for any other chemical treatments for the next 6 months or so, unless you wish for a hair disaster.

Well, that’s all I have for now. Pictures will be uploaded when I have the chance XD No I’m not showing how I look =p Lalalala ~

5 Reasons Women Don’t like Nice Guys (Yahoo News)

Full article:

What do I think? Here they are –

1. It’s hard for some of us to trust a Nice Guy. 

No, I do not think that the more trustworthy a guy seems, the harder it is for the women to believe that the guy is as good as he seems. It all boils down to how the women is brought up, not just the whole dating thing, but her surroundings as well. (Duh, if I were to see jackass guys everyday I’d think think that guys are jerks by nature and those who are nice are just acting to get in my pants…or skirt…or dress.)

However, I do agree with this sentence in the article ‘women get kind of jaded about the whole Nice Guy thing (after dating too many jerks)’. I’ve never really dated guys…just had one really horrendous relationship (don’t think it’s even counted but never mind that) and now I’m in a stable, mature relationship that I HOPE will last.

Trusting guys (or anyone for that matter) isn’t easy. We just have to observe (in depth please, not see, look, judge and that’s that.) and come up with our own conclusions. Time? Of course it takes time.

2. Bad Boys care about themselves — a lot — and it makes us think they care about us

To all females (or ANYONE) who think this way…here’s a picture for you:

No, really. Y U NO SEE THAT THIS IS JUST BEING SELFISH?! Those are potential MCPS. I’m not saying that all badass dudes are like that, i’m just saying they COULD be which isn’t the same as saying they ARE. I COULD have cut myself and be an emo-goth chick but I DIDN’T. (Sorry for rambling but I have something against people who jump to conclusions too easily)

Well, I know we aren’t mind-readers by nature but still…unless you’re a submissive, demure to-be-tai-tai or housewife material. These sort of guys are just gonna get on your nerves for being too dominating or overbearing.

Seriously, why do you females out there think these guys are cool anyways? I don’t get it.

3. Nice Guys have their shit together. Bad Boys don’t. Women like a challenge.

Yes. That’s all I have to say. O RLY (Oh, Really?) Wait till you have a wish to settle down and start a family. I challenge all you females out there to do it. Of course, if you do succeed in the challenge, I shall bow down in defeat.

4. Some women are afraid of intimacy. The one thing the Bad Boy rarely does is want to become intimate.

Then don’t enter a relationship. What’s the point of being in a relationship if you don’t wish to be intimate with your partner? Love and intimacy are EXTREMELY important in a relationship.

5. Some women suffer low self-esteem.

These women need help. They don’t need a bad boy who treats her badly. They need PROFESSIONAL help. I myself was a victim and I’m really glad I sought professional help and not let myself be left to continue in the vicious cycle. But then again, it’s up to you.

In conclusion…

This is a rather stereotypical article in my opinion.


Robbers, y u so silly.

I just heard a funny (true) story from my fiance this morning and I just HAD to share it. It was aired during a morning show that he managed to catch this morning. The story left the hosts laughing for awhile so I think you can imagine the hilarity of the situation. Here’s the video:

There were 3 robbers at the scene: 1 was tasked with looking out/guarding the area while the other 2 went in. Apparently, being a guard must have been a really boring job cause the lookout was so bored he lowered his gun and shot himself in the foot (literally) by mistake.

(oh, the pun-niness.) The lookout was caught later that day when he sought treatment at a local hospital.

They all got shot in their foot – one literally, two figuratively.

Silly robbers.