Okay,  so recently my workload has decreased quite a bit. Thus I had some time to go about surfing random sites – Lo and behold! I came across this site called:

I was rather intrigued and thus decided to surf around the site. Took me only a minute or two before I got completely hooked onto it and before I knew it, I was continuously linking from one article to another. It is just THAT addictive.

So what is It’s probably one of the better citizen journalism news sites (apart from blogs) that one can find out there in the vast sea of Internet. They cover a whole range of categories from Current Affairs to Technology and Lifestyle. Yes, there’s Entertainment too (Duh). Oh, and it’s a Singapore website. (Yay Singapore!!)

Majulah Singapura! is THE site for those of you out there who a have cynical/satirical sense of humour. Why? Cause the site pokes fun at nearly everything! And yes, as a partial cynical person, I find this site absolutely intriguing and dead funny. (Of course the frequent appearance of Internet memes help but that’s only a boosting factor, nothing more.)

So grab your friends and read the articles together over a hot cup of coffee/tea/milo/horlicks/any beverage and snacks of your preference (yes, that’s what I do EVERY morning at work.) Laughs are guaranteed (unless your friend is the kind of person who takes things too seriously to which I suggest a big NO in introducing the site to them) and do take a look at the comments as well. Sometimes it’s those that really crack me up.

Newnation - I foresee an increase in popularity for this site, especially in this age and era.

Ah yes, you CAN contribute to the site as well if you’re a fan of writing. They are always on the lookout for talents. If you THINK or KNOW of someone who has a passion for writing and has a quirky sense of humor, slam this site in their face and tell them – GO FOR IT! Write something, poke fun at something, scribble something. ANYTHING! Nike – Just Do It.

I do hope you find the site as interesting as I do. ENJOY PEOPLE! *shuffles paper and goes back to work*


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