Innocence and Corruption

For the one and bloody-hell only time, my post actually fits the theme of my blog.

So yesterday I was talking to a veteran CS (community service, not counter strike mind you) volunteer and I was rather stunned at her thinking and ideals. Not in a bad way but not in an excellent way either. I’d say it’s somewhere in between.

I overheard her talking to my superior and realized that she has a very innocent perspective about the world in general. She believes that every human in essence and deep inside is kind. We are all born kind, listening to our parents, holding our grandpapa or grandmama’s hand when crossing streets or boarding buses. As we grow up however, we tend to forget these morals and values, listening to only ourselves and such.

I was half-touched and half-skeptical about what she said. Touched because it is quite true that many of us tend to lose that innocence and naive-ness about us as we grow older and are exposed to the harsh realities of the world. Skeptical because there ARE people out there who are just corrupted by nature and it has nothing to do with their bringing-up. Some people are just born-murderers or psychos.

Nevertheless I was rather impressed with the fact that at her age she still has that mentality and belief. Either she has had a very good life and not exposed to the harsh realities of what life can be like when it’s bad, or, she just has that strong a level of belief and trust in humanity. I simply said one sentence to her before we parted ways:

“Keep believing. The world needs more people like you. Who knows? You might be one of the first to change the world and be rid of wars.” And walked off.

What do you think? DO you reckon that humans are all kind by nature? Or are there some of us who are born to be criminals?


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