Robbers, y u so silly.

I just heard a funny (true) story from my fiance this morning and I just HAD to share it. It was aired during a morning show that he managed to catch this morning. The story left the hosts laughing for awhile so I think you can imagine the hilarity of the situation. Here’s the video:

There were 3 robbers at the scene: 1 was tasked with looking out/guarding the area while the other 2 went in. Apparently, being a guard must have been a really boring job cause the lookout was so bored he lowered his gun and shot himself in the foot (literally) by mistake.

(oh, the pun-niness.) The lookout was caught later that day when he sought treatment at a local hospital.

They all got shot in their foot – one literally, two figuratively.

Silly robbers.


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