Filter Members Club vs. ACJC and CHIJ

Full article:

Oh ho. I was WAITING for this article to be published. Knew it would only be a matter of time before someone said something about it and it becomes big news. After all, it DOES involve two rather prestigious school AND their reputations.

I am tempted to flame Filter members club in this post but I shall refrain from doing so. Partly cause I think there has been enough flaming and shooting-down of their club and partly cause I don’t see the point of adding fuel to the fire. As far as I can see, the fire’s already grown pretty big, no?

ANYWAY, my personal take on it is obviously…


I understand that it is worldwide knowledge for business to want to market themselves with ever-improving new and innovative ideas. However, this just crossed the line to being an ass. Filter Members Club probably just made themselves a public enemy.

It’s wrong on so many levels – especially under the Morals and Ethics category. When I saw the logos and the captions, the best way to describe my reaction was this meme –

Don’t worry I didn’t literally have a gun with me. It’s against the laws in my country. (good thing it is, otherwise I wouldn’t exactly feel safe taking a night stroll for supper.)

And needless to say…this was running through my mind…

used memegenerator to generate this image

I sit here, wondering what those people who came up with the idea were thinking.

Scratch that. Were they even thinking?

Their actions have left a deep impact on the school’s reputation as well as the students in there. I quite pity them to be honest, innocent parties having their reputation tainted cause of some very off-the-charts marketing tactic. (Of course, if the students themselves helped boost the wrong kind of reputation…then…shame on them =])

To quote Mr Chandra Mohan, honorary secretary of the ACS OBA”The poster was an infringement of a trademark. What the club did was wrong, and in bad taste.”

and chairman of the CHIJ School Board of Management Vivienne Lim “(The School Crest) should not be used in a frivolous manner nor in connection with inappropriate or demeaning circumstances”

Essentially, Filter Members Club just shot themselves in the foot (note: this article is in no way linked to Filter Members Club controversy).

And…to those who think that it’s funny, regardless of whether you’re a student there or not, have you thought of how others would feel at such a prospect? How degrading it can be?

I’m not telling you HOW to think or WHAT to think. That’s entirely up to you. Just giving ya something to think about.

In the meantime…i am looking forward to updates on this article.

See ya everyone!


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