Home-made sore throat remedies

It’s pretty common to have a bout of sore throats and coughs after the festive season from eating too much goodies. I got a bad throat myself…except I didn’t exactly eat any goodies at all. (Oh, the irony!)

BUT! There’s a silver lining to every grey cloud! I got to find out some interesting methods of curing my throat:

  1. Grab a cold can of coke and sprinkle some salt. Apparently, there’s some chemical in coke  that helps spread the salt around and we all know that salt helps kill bacteria.
  2. Add honey to water and some lemon juice. This concortion helps calm and soothe my throat. It works wonders. If I don’t have time to make it, I’ll buy some from the nearest Traditional Chinese Medicine store…only for SGD$1
  3. Drink lots of ‘cooling’ liquid. Note – I said cooling and not cold. If you’re having a cough/sore throat, it probably means your body is dead heaty and thus you’ll have to ‘cool’ down your body. That means no milo/horlicks/that hot cup of coco you always take before you sleep. Try lemonade tea or watermelon juice. Oh and it’s an excellent excuse to drink soft drinks too. (yay for kids and soft-drink lovers out there!)
  4. Fight poison with poison. I don’t know if this works but some of my friends say it does. Never exactly had the guts to try it. So yeah, fight poison with poison. Since your body is already heated up, grab more heaty stuff. Spam chocolates, coco, mango, durian etc. Your body is bound to heal sooner or later, right?
  5. Eat strepsils or suck on lozenges. Both have medicinal value so it SHOULD work in keeping your throat calm and at ease.
  6. NO CHICKEN! NO FRIED STUFF! Chicken causes inflammation in the throat which would just further irritate it and cause you to cough more. Fried stuff obviously we all know why. It’ll just rocket your body heat up sky high. (unless you’re going for the Fight Poison with poison method)

If all else fails, PLEASE SEE A DOCTOR!

Thank you. Now back to work. BYEEEEEEEEE


2 thoughts on “Home-made sore throat remedies

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