Ranting Post (Animal Cruelty…& a bit of education)

Okay ~ so there’s this cat around my area that enjoys visiting this particular coffee shop (think cause it’s part of her territory). Pretty old cat, female, a Queen. Very very cute but extremely grumpy.


Once I was chomping with my partner at the coffee shop when we saw the cat just lazing around. Walking, lounging, resting, walking again, repeat process. Suddenly, I saw this LITTLE BOY barely past 5 years old walking past the cat. It saw the cat, and started scaring it.

What did he do? Well…he basically:

  1. Stomp in front of the cat
  2. Yelled at the cat
  3. Both of the above concurrently

Oh that wasn’t all. I was watching him the whole time. The cat was already hissing. It was real pissed (well who wouldn’t be if someone did that to you, no?)

Then the ultimatum came when the boy did this –

He swung the plastic bag he was holding (with stuff inside) and HIT THE CAT!


I yelled from my seat ‘HEY!!!!’ until the nearby customers stared at me. The kid got a shock. I was staring at the cat who looked like it was about to pounce, but then she just walked away. I was dead scared for the cat. Even my partner was about to stand up and shove the kid away.

Well, it was to protect the cat AND the kid. The kid could have been scratched shitless by the cat and I really do not want the cat to be put down just cause of some stupid kid and, possibly, a stupid parent.

After awhile, the parent came to drag the kid off, knowing nothing of what his own kid did. I was fuming. Part of me wanted to run up and tell the parent of what the kid did. Luckily my logical self told me to sit down and shut up.

Thankfully, after awhile, the cat came back and it looked unharmed. It went back to it’s usual business of walking around, stoning, meowing for food etc.

I do know this kid is probably not the only one out there. Soooo to all parents or future parents, please PLEASE don’t just focus on your child’s academics. Yes, society needs academics. Yes, society looks at grades. Yes, society wants people who can study and have certificates and degrees. However, without social etiquette and morals (not just to humans but animals as well), you’re really just gonna become a huge ass when you grow up.

Pardon my language but i’m just really tired of seeing animal abuse cases…and humans being a**holes.

So yeah, gonna calm down and start my meditation.


Pokemon Love Song ~

Found this somewhere when I was derping around le Internet. This is a Love song with a whole lot of Pokemon puns and I just couldn’t resist sharing it with the rest of you =D


I know I might be kinda of Oddish
But I think it’d Beedrilly cool
If it wasn’t just by Chansey that I met you
I’m Seaking you

You leer me in, then you Blastoise me away
Our love would be supersonic, hope you don’t fly away
Be my Geodude, and I’ll be your Chikorita
I must be psychic, ’cause in my future sight I see ya

I really hope I don’t Jynx this, but I’d like to say,
“You attract me and gust me away”

My love for you is bigger than a Snorlax
I won’t be Tentacruel, so, baby, you can relax
Just Staryu and Starmie
Our love will evolve

I’ll be your Nidoqueen if you’ll be my Nidoking
You give me Butterfrees, and it’s really haunting
You may say I’m Exeggcute, but I say you’re Exeggutor
You’re rarer than Mewtwo, and I swear you’ve got a secret power

I really hope I don’t Jynx this, but I’d like to say,
“You attract me and gust me away”

My love for you is bigger than a Snorlax
I won’t be Tentacruel, so, baby, you can relax
Just Staryu and Starmie
Our love will evolve

I hope it’s not too Farfetch’d
But you’re so Bellossom
You’ve got me under hypnosis
You’re so Tentacool, and what I really want to say is,
“You’re hotter than a Cindaquil, and you can Smoochum me any day”

I really hope I don’t Jynx this, but I’d like to say,
“You attract me and gust me away”

My love for you is bigger than a Snorlax
I won’t be Tentacruel, so, baby, you can relax
Just Staryu and Starmie
Our love will evolve

Abra, Kadabra, Alakazam
I choose you

Reminiscence ~ of Schzool and Teenhood

Today marks the final day of my internship, which means it’s technically my last day official day in school before graduation and entering the real world.

It’s scary they say, out there in the working world. Enjoy your schooling days while you can, cause working life is a different ball game altogether. After working for approximately 2.5 months, I must say, I quite agree.

Anyway, as I’m typing this, my mind’s kinda’ flying back to the good ol’ days where I was still schooling, where I first entered teenhood and when I started growing up.

Admittedly I might not have a normal teenhood, but still, I did go through some common stages.

Here’s a story that might be of interest to all you people out there who have been through school (or are still schooling)…or simply wish to reminisce those golden days…


Every class have their own collection of weird people. In Schzool, we have a collection of humans tagged with ‘animals’ and this is the diary of my days in Schzool.

Chapter 1: Introductions

Do enjoy your read. It will most definitely bring a smile upon your face.  And no there’re no real animals involved.

Cheers ~

‘Women most likely to have affairs at age 37’

Data: Women most likely to have affairs at age 37

Lianhe Wanbao

A compilation of Singapore’s statistics has found that local women are most likely to have extramarital affairs at the age of 37.

This is according to data published in the Singapore’s Department of Statistics Yearbook for 2011.

On this trend, a counsellor from Fei Yue Community Services says that women between 35 to 40 years old can easily fall in love again, leading to problems in their existing marriage.

According to the counsellor, most women would have established their careers by that age and also no longer devote a lot of time to caring for their children, who would already be schooling.

With more free time on their hands, these women will begin to feel lonely.

“When she is free, she will reminisce about the intimacy she had enjoyed with her husband in the past. She’ll hope for her husband to spend more time with her and shower more care on her.”

Craving affection, these lonely women can more easily stray from their marriages.

Source: Lianhe Wanbao, 3 February 2012. Click here for the Chinese report.

Yes I’m a person who thrives on logic and statistics. HOWEVER, I also know that there are times when statistics are inaccurate, therefore, should be taken with a pinch of salt.
THIS – is one of those times.
I have never quite believed that one would be more likely to have affairs at a certain age or being a certain sex alone. There are many other factors that come into play. The strength of the couple’s bond, their upbringing, their personalities, their characterse, morals, principles etc.
The reasoning is here is rather weak.  Or maybe it’s just me. Cause in my opinion, no amount of excuses can cover up the action of having an extra-marital affair. It’s just courting trouble through and through.
Imagine if it’s your partner having the affair, how would you feel? Hurt? Betrayed? Angry? How would your children feel? Think about it.
‘More free time’ and ‘loneliness’ does not justify anything. If you have free time, go hang out with your female friends, why must it be guys? Even if it has to be guys, don’t go one-on-one and watch yourself – keep a distance – or just avoid it altogether.
Loneliness? Lack of intimacy? Talk to your husband. Take time off. Go out on a date. Rekindle those feelings. It’s not easy but then again, since when is maintaining a relationship simple? Relationship is a commitment. That’s that.  NEVER use that as an excuse to go out and have an affair.
And guys out there who’s wives really did have an affair, or vice versa, you’re not off the hook. Whenever either partner has an affair, it’s both parties’ fault. It takes two to clap – and in a relationship – it’s rather true.
There ARE guys out there who really don’t show enough love, care and concern to their wives. I personally know one who goes out all the time and leave all the care-taking to his wife, giving her no emotional support. It sort of started a vicious cycle which ended with their marriage crumbling.
All in all, two conclusions:
1. Affairs can happen at any point in your marriage. Being 37 or 40 or 50 does not mean you will be more or less likely to have one.
2. There are no excuses in this realm that can cover up for the action of having an affair.
Cheers everyone ~

My Favourite OSTs I – Beyblade

YES! I decided to star posting favourite soundtracks from various shows/anime/drama/movie that I have watched over the years. I shall start the ball rolling with BEYBLADE!! (this one brings back a hell lot of memories. That’s why it’s the first)

Not all soundtracks will be up though, just my favourite ones from the series =p


The series focuses on a group of kids who form teams with which they battle one another using highly powerful spinning tops called “Beyblades”. Main characters being: Tyson, Max, Kai, RayKenny and in the later series – Hilary

Favourite OSTs

And here are my favourites from Beyblade Soundtrack (both English and Japanese)


  • Always Be In The Game
  • I’m Not Going Down
  • Never Gonna Take Me Down
  • Rise Above The Storm
  • Swing Low, Let It Rip
  • Switchblade
  • Underdog

And that’s all people! LET IT RIP ~~~

Singapore – Legalize Oral/Anal sex…Bans Gay sex…

MPs in Singapore have legalised oral and anal sex for adult heterosexuals but kept the ban on gay sex, saying that the bill was what citizens in the conservative island state wanted.

The reforms, which were passed on Tuesday, represent the most extensive revision of the conservative city state’s penal code in more than two decades.

The changes mean oral and anal sex between consenting heterosexual adults is no longer an offense but section 377A, which deals with oral and anal sex between consenting men, remains in force…

full article: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2007/oct/24/gayrights.uk?fb_action_ids=10150673991521383&fb_action_types=news.reads&fb_source=other_multiline

Personally, I’m pretty open about GLBTs but I’m not an extremist. I won’t go on strike to allow gay sex nor will I go against those who do not allow it.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure that quite a number of you out there (especially the younger generation) would be pretty pissed/annoyed/upset at this.


I’m not saying I agree with his actions. In fact just a few months ago I’d have throw a hissy fit and started ranting as well. However, my partner calmed me down and had a little chat with me to help me understand things better.

I’m a female but I thrive on hard facts and logic. Science. Statistics. The likes.

Conservative Society Roots

Being a conservative society is one thing. After all, we ARE Asians by blood and not Caucasians. Yes, our country is rather modernized and westernized due to Globalisation (or should it be called Americanisation?) BUT our forefathers came from China not America. So yeah, Gay sex is something that isn’t exactly something which they would be too quick to allow.

Ageing Population

Yeah. Ageing Population. I was pretty surprised at first cause I didn’t see the link. After explaining and helping me link up the facts, I finally saw what he meant. I guess you could say this was the point where I started to see things a little differently. Let’s face the facts. We ARE an ageing population. Our birth rate is declining. Imagine how things will be like when we get older – who’s going to take care of us?

Adoption is one thing but I wouldn’t say it’s a permanent solution. Those who read will know that only a few species of animals can mate within the same sex and still produce babies. We humans are definitely not one of them.
When we grow old, we’d need the younger generation to care for us. No one’s immortal and no human can live for centuries to come.

GLBTS are humans too

GLBTs are humans like us. They’re neither saints nor angels. There ARE extremists amongst them too, believe it or not. So yeah, there is a possibility that homosexuals, like heterosexuals, can be a**holes as well. Sorry for the crude language but it’s true.

Of course at the end of the day, it doesn’t mean that though I understand where the policy is coming from…it means i agree with it. So yeah, talk about a dilemma.

Cheers everyone ~

End of internship nears

Today marks the beginning of my final Internship week. How do I feel? Surprisingly, nothing. I thought I’d feel sad that I’m going to miss everyone, or happy that I’m going to have a break soon…or even a mixture of feelings.

But. Nothing. Zilch. Kosong.

The only thing I’m feeling is total calmness. Sort of like it’s just the end of a rather long day and one’s resting time is finally here. Simple as that. Nothing more, nothing less.

It’s my 3rd last day here at my workplace. Two more days to go and that’s it for my official internship period as recommended by the school.

Everyone’s been really nice to me. I thought it was simply cause I’m an intern. But my supervisors assured me that it’s their culture. Everyone there is humane (yes, I’ve heard horror stories of other companies who treat their interns like slaves.) and treat their interns like humans. No one believes in making an intern do mundane jobs like photocopying stuff/staple stuff/bringing coffee etc. They really give you work experience from liaising to research and copywriting.

The one thing I really love about this place is the minimal political playing. Yes. Politics. The one thing that scares the shit out of me and the one thing that makes me reluctant to work in a big company.

In a way, I guess I did learn a lot of things here. Soft skills, hard skills. As long as you don’t repeat your mistakes, you’re more or less safe…unless your work place is filled with power-hungry people who would do ANYTHING to get to the top – backstabbing, bootlicking and such.

So yeah.

That’s it.

2 more days to go. Counting down…