Top 10 Mediacorp Channel 8 Drama Openings

I’m a bit of an audiophile so, I tend to pay a lot of attention on the soundtracks that a particular drama uses. Having a good story plot is one thing – but having an excellent soundtrack with the right music to give the right ambience adds on a nice finishing touch.

Anyway, here are my top 10 favourite mediacorp channel 8 drama series opening themes…with the video of course.

Enjoy my friends!

#10: My Genie 2 (我爱精灵 2)

#9: Beyond the Axis of Truth II (法医X挡案II)

#8: Right Frequency (播音人)

#7: Don’t Worry, Be Happy (敢敢做个开心人)

#6: Legend Of The Eight Immortals (东游记)

#5 Price of Peace (和平的代价)

#4: Duke of Mount Deer (小宝与康熙)

#3: A Child’s Hope II (孩有明天 II)

#2: Rhythm Of Life (变奏曲)

aaand…taking first place…it’s….*drum roll*

#1: The Oath (行医)

And that’s all folks!

See you in my next post ~


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