NORMAL doesn’t equate to OK

Fess up.

How many of you have seen something that clearly isn’t right and is detrimental, yet simply brush it off by saying ‘It’s normal’ or something along those lines?

It could be a simple action of flirting with someone else in front of/behind your partner’s back, or losing your virginity/having sex at a young age (by young I mean below 16)

Take this article for example:

There was a quote example of Rihanna being assaulted by Chris Brown, yet there were teens who simply brushed it off as ‘normal’ and thought nothing of it. (Some even laughed it off. Good lord.)


When is normal behaviour not equivalent to okay behaviour?

and where should the line be drawn?

Admittedly, there are times when it is not easy to draw the line. Here’s an example:

We have a mother who’s rather overbearing and over-controlling in the eyes of others. That’s normal, right?

But what happens when the child starts to suffer from various harmful symptoms – suicide thoughts, harming him/herself…

Normal. But, is it ok? Is it ok for the child to have these thoughts? It is NORMAL for a teen/child to feel repressed and rebellious at that stage…but is it OKAY when the child has such thoughts running through his/her mind?

It’s normal, oh yes it’s normal. But is it ok?

How about a little kid who falls down when playing? Normal? Yeah sure it’s normal. But when the kid gets hurt real bad, say a broken leg or an extremely deep cut? It’s still normal but it’s definitely not under the ‘okay’ zone anymore.

Think about it.

When is normal not okay anymore.


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