End of internship nears

Today marks the beginning of my final Internship week. How do I feel? Surprisingly, nothing. I thought I’d feel sad that I’m going to miss everyone, or happy that I’m going to have a break soon…or even a mixture of feelings.

But. Nothing. Zilch. Kosong.

The only thing I’m feeling is total calmness. Sort of like it’s just the end of a rather long day and one’s resting time is finally here. Simple as that. Nothing more, nothing less.

It’s my 3rd last day here at my workplace. Two more days to go and that’s it for my official internship period as recommended by the school.

Everyone’s been really nice to me. I thought it was simply cause I’m an intern. But my supervisors assured me that it’s their culture. Everyone there is humane (yes, I’ve heard horror stories of other companies who treat their interns like slaves.) and treat their interns like humans. No one believes in making an intern do mundane jobs like photocopying stuff/staple stuff/bringing coffee etc. They really give you work experience from liaising to research and copywriting.

The one thing I really love about this place is the minimal political playing. Yes. Politics. The one thing that scares the shit out of me and the one thing that makes me reluctant to work in a big company.

In a way, I guess I did learn a lot of things here. Soft skills, hard skills. As long as you don’t repeat your mistakes, you’re more or less safe…unless your work place is filled with power-hungry people who would do ANYTHING to get to the top – backstabbing, bootlicking and such.

So yeah.

That’s it.

2 more days to go. Counting down…


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