Ranting Post (Animal Cruelty…& a bit of education)

Okay ~ so there’s this cat around my area that enjoys visiting this particular coffee shop (think cause it’s part of her territory). Pretty old cat, female, a Queen. Very very cute but extremely grumpy.


Once I was chomping with my partner at the coffee shop when we saw the cat just lazing around. Walking, lounging, resting, walking again, repeat process. Suddenly, I saw this LITTLE BOY barely past 5 years old walking past the cat. It saw the cat, and started scaring it.

What did he do? Well…he basically:

  1. Stomp in front of the cat
  2. Yelled at the cat
  3. Both of the above concurrently

Oh that wasn’t all. I was watching him the whole time. The cat was already hissing. It was real pissed (well who wouldn’t be if someone did that to you, no?)

Then the ultimatum came when the boy did this –

He swung the plastic bag he was holding (with stuff inside) and HIT THE CAT!


I yelled from my seat ‘HEY!!!!’ until the nearby customers stared at me. The kid got a shock. I was staring at the cat who looked like it was about to pounce, but then she just walked away. I was dead scared for the cat. Even my partner was about to stand up and shove the kid away.

Well, it was to protect the cat AND the kid. The kid could have been scratched shitless by the cat and I really do not want the cat to be put down just cause of some stupid kid and, possibly, a stupid parent.

After awhile, the parent came to drag the kid off, knowing nothing of what his own kid did. I was fuming. Part of me wanted to run up and tell the parent of what the kid did. Luckily my logical self told me to sit down and shut up.

Thankfully, after awhile, the cat came back and it looked unharmed. It went back to it’s usual business of walking around, stoning, meowing for food etc.

I do know this kid is probably not the only one out there. Soooo to all parents or future parents, please PLEASE don’t just focus on your child’s academics. Yes, society needs academics. Yes, society looks at grades. Yes, society wants people who can study and have certificates and degrees. However, without social etiquette and morals (not just to humans but animals as well), you’re really just gonna become a huge ass when you grow up.

Pardon my language but i’m just really tired of seeing animal abuse cases…and humans being a**holes.

So yeah, gonna calm down and start my meditation.



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