Titanic – Behind The Scenes

Lalalala ~ I decided that the best way to NOT cry or bawl my eyes out during the movie was to watch ‘Behind The Scenes’. Call me crazy but it’s what I usually do when the movie evokes a very strong emotion in me and I would like to dull it =p

So anyway…this series of videos (none of which are owned by me and all are from Youtube though I have no idea which show it came from) shows you the creation and animation of the tragic tale of Titanic.

Enjoy ~

Titanic: Behind the Scenes Part 1

Titanic: Behind the Scenes Part 2

Titanic: Behind the Scenes Part 3

Titanic: Behind the Scenes Part 4

Titanic: Behind the Scenes Part 5

Titanic: Behind the Scenes Part 6

Titanic Exhibition ~ at MBS Museum

Ahh ~~ Titanic. The tragic tale of a ship that never made it to it’s destination. A story of love and lost, hope and despair.

A couple of weeks back, I was at Marina Bay Sands with my partner and we decided to pay the Titanic Exhibition a visit, partly cause I was bored and didn’t wanna go home so early.

So we queued and before entering the actual exhibition, we were given ‘tickets’. In this case, they resembled the boarding tickets that were used in the past. Here are mine and my partner’s:

'All aboard the Titanic with these passes!'

Sweet huh? Talk about a unique way of presentation. Seriously loved it. And thus our journey began…

Many things were shown in the Titanic Exhibition, namely:

  1. The history of Titanic from its conceptualization/designing all the way till its last breath (and everything in between of course) – with various dates being put up to give the patron a better understanding of what was done during which date/day.
  2. Many  artifacts (all original) collected from the Titanic’s wreckage and what remained of it (toothbrushes, compact mirrors, dining ware, sinks, taps, clothes etc.)
  3. Mini previews of what the various rooms of different classes looked like – first class, second class and third class
  4. A preview of what the grand staircase looked like was also re-enacted for us to see. (a professional photographer was there to help take photos but since neither of us were dressed up, we gave it a pass)
  5. A block of ice was also part of the exhibition. There were many handprints on it – some quite shallow, while others very deep. Apparently some people must have bloody thick-skinned to withstand that level of cold. Sadly I didn’t even last for 3 seconds before deciding to pull back lest I had frostbite

And of course…stories and quotes of Titanic’s original passengers were shown. That was probably the most touching part. There were similar tales of ‘Rose and Jack’ told across, with some women even staying behind with their husbands. ‘Till Death Do Us Part’ indeed.

Here’s a video of the Titanic Exhibition (in Singapore) for those of you who are curious:

Do drop by if you have the time. Really, it’s absolutely worth it.

Are we working too hard?

‘If you work for a living, why do you kill yourself working?’

I came across this tweet a couple of minutes ago and I just HAD to blog about it. I mean, if we were to look at this question, we can see that the irony is about as plain as day.

So here’s the question – are we working too hard? and why?

Let’s face it. In this day and age, money speaks volumes. Moreover, our living cost is going up up and up. Some people are going on about not being too materialistic and stuff…but well…even if we take away our luxuries and live with only the bare essentials…we still need money, don’t we? If you don’t have enough $$$, you’re as good as gone. Where are you going to get shelter, food and water – our 3 basic human needs.

So we still end up having to work. Some luckier ones land themselves a high-paying job, while others not-so-lucky ones land up with a not so well paying job but still able to tide them through life with budgeting and what-nots.

There are a couple of reasons why we would kill ourselves working. Sometimes it’s cause of desperation – whereby we really have to work that hard just to make ends meet. Other times? Well, we could simply be workaholics or we lead a materialistic lifestyle and WANT the money.

Of course, these aren’t the only reasons. There are others too.

Regardless of reasons, there are those of us who kill ourselves working: some literally and some figuratively. (no don’t use this as an excuse to be a lazy bum and stay at home doing nothing all day)

So how do you tell if you’re really working ‘too hard’? Two main obvious effects:

  1. Your health starts to deteriorate rather badly (spike in blood pressure, headaches, chest pains etc.)
  2. You are sacrificing your relationships with your loved ones (wife, children, mother, father etc.)

So do you think you’re working too hard? Why do you do so? For wealth and riches? Or to make ends meet? Or is it something else altogether?

“Tweet tweet -” OH STFU!

Like most people my age (perhaps give or take a couple of years or so), in this era, I’m totally addicted to social media.I’d leave my Facebook on for new notifications/private messages, refresh my twitter account for every time a new tweet comes in, check out my blog to track the number of views and for comments etc.

Facebook not much issues so far, (except for a couple of people whom I had to wipe off my friend list), blog wise – not a supremely popular blog so it’s cool.

Twitter………well…twitter…is kinda…well…starting to annoy me just a little. Thankfully it hasn’t crossed the threshold of – ‘DELETE TWITTER ACCOUNT!’

Don’t mind me but the internet is sometimes filled with twits (pun intended)

On twitter, we follow people, yes? We follow others, others follow us; we retweet stuff we find interesting and such.

Now here’s the problem. What happens when we follow a specific twitter account…and that account decides to retweet other accounts…I’m not done yet…on a timely basis of EVERY BLOODY SINGLE SECOND.


I’ve come across some twitter accounts whom I have followed…and they are constantly retweeting some other account, spamming up my page. I mean, fine if you have something interesting to retweet from someone else’s account, do so by all means. I don’t mind. But don’t overdo it.

And it gets worst when tweets start coming in advertising people to ‘follow _____’s tweets and _____ will follow you.’

Well duh you have a lot of followers. But what’s the point? It’s just info overload if you ask me.

So yeah, desperate little me has decided to just unfollow those accounts. Sorry man but lemme tell ya. If ya tweets are good enough, we’ll follow ’em. You don’t have to spam the pages of other people’s accounts with their tweets. That’s just plain annoying.

Now back to sieving photos. Have a good day everyone – while I clear my twitter account at the same time.

Volunteering – Why I don’t do so

Well…yeah I admit. I’m guilty of being one of those who fares quite low in the activeness of volunteering scale. Kinda’ sad. Used to be really active in volunteering for different organisations…until I grew up and saw the world in a whole new light.

For some reasons, not everyone grows up in the same way. Some remain ever hopeful that the world will become a much better place. Me? I’m pretty much skeptical about how the world will turn out. Maybe that’s why I don’t do volunteery work as much anymore.


After all, even with all the ‘feel good’ vibes one feels during the volunteering process, at the end of the day I can’t help but wonder – did I really help the person? Why am I doing it? Is it out of the goodness of my own heart or is it cause I’m asked to do so.

Every time I see inspirational quotes, like how even small actions can make a huge difference…I remain in a rather pessimistic position. To me, it’s a simple case of if you can’t solve the entire issue or at least 90% of it, why bother?

Maybe it’s just me.

Maybe it’s cause I don’t see the point of volunteering my services after seeing how dreadful the world can get.

Maybe I have been tainted far beyond redemption to see any good in the world.

Or maybe I just don’t see the point.

Who knows.

What about you?

Do you enjoy volunteering? If yes, why? If no, why?

And all the PRC stuff starts coming in ~

Regarding all these PRC hatred and such…well…I’ll just say I’m sitting on the fence. Hey, I’m a skeptic and I hate the world in general so…I’m not particularly pro or against PRs in general. (Though all around me people seem to be against ’em, no surprises there.)

Note: PR = Permanent Residents, not Public Relations (inside joke.)

Back to the topic on PRs. I’m not going to into detailscause…well…this is a personal blog and I don’t wanna get all technical. Just a brush across the surface probably.

So anyway, the latest that I’ve read about is le ‘Sun Xu’ case.

Previously, People are demanding that his FYP be put on hold while he goes for his disciplinary hearing. Otherwise it just looks like it’s ‘wayang-ing’ the crowd.

Coming from the citizen’s perspective, I guess I have to agree with the fact that it looks like it’s just a show put up to appease us – not that it’s doing any good.

However, from the management perspective…think I can understand why they took that choice of route. I’m pretty sure that uni students (and poly students alike who have taken FYP) would know that Final Year projects is a group thing. Moving one member out = one man down = crippling the whole team.

Of course, no one actually cares about what happens within the school itself. We just wanna see Sun Xu out (which yes, I agree that his citizenship should be revoked.)

He HAS apologized for the remarks he made. But sometimes, that just ain’t enough. You don’t call degrade someone – or someONES, an entire nation, in this case –  and just say sorry. That’s like stabbing someone in a vital area and saying ‘oops sorry’. Full story: http://temasektimes.wordpress.com/2012/03/05/why-sun-xus-%E5%AD%99%E6%97%AD-nus-scholarship-should-be-revoked-for-the-good-of-everyone-including-sun-xu/

Actually if we think about it, we are not exactly attacking Sun Xu per se but the root of it – which is essentially PRC. I’m not calling it a problem, but rather an issue, which is more neutral.

Hey, I have PRC friends and I wanna keep ’em thank you very much.

Why do we have PRCs in the first place?

For those of you who studied (or are studying) social studies, you’d probably have this fact drummed into your head –

Singapore has little natural resources. Our only resources are people.

Which is true. If you think about it, Singapore’s main resources are its people. No people = economy dies – simple logic which I’m sure that all of you can grasp.

Remember our history lessons where there was a Baby Boom due to the war? Yeah well, imagine those people turning 60+++ this period. And remember the ‘Stop at 2’ policy? A combination of these two factors…along with the fact that not many of us now are keen to have babies (and other factors of course)…it inadvertently led to Singapore having an Ageing Population.

So how? Call in PRs. No really, it’s to help fill in the ‘gap’ so that there would be able people working to keep the economy going. Whether or not that will help the elderly…that I can’t judge. Maybe it will but not in the way we want/expect.

Of course, I’m not saying that I agree with the way that the issue is being handled. Like my partner says – understanding something doesn’t equate to agreeing with it. At times it just better helps us understand WHY we disagree with it in the first place instead of just blindly following the crowd.

Nevertheless, all of this is just my opinion. Everyone has theirs and I shall not shove mine down everyone’s or anyone’s throat for that matter.