And all the PRC stuff starts coming in ~

Regarding all these PRC hatred and such…well…I’ll just say I’m sitting on the fence. Hey, I’m a skeptic and I hate the world in general so…I’m not particularly pro or against PRs in general. (Though all around me people seem to be against ’em, no surprises there.)

Note: PR = Permanent Residents, not Public Relations (inside joke.)

Back to the topic on PRs. I’m not going to into detailscause…well…this is a personal blog and I don’t wanna get all technical. Just a brush across the surface probably.

So anyway, the latest that I’ve read about is le ‘Sun Xu’ case.

Previously, People are demanding that his FYP be put on hold while he goes for his disciplinary hearing. Otherwise it just looks like it’s ‘wayang-ing’ the crowd.

Coming from the citizen’s perspective, I guess I have to agree with the fact that it looks like it’s just a show put up to appease us – not that it’s doing any good.

However, from the management perspective…think I can understand why they took that choice of route. I’m pretty sure that uni students (and poly students alike who have taken FYP) would know that Final Year projects is a group thing. Moving one member out = one man down = crippling the whole team.

Of course, no one actually cares about what happens within the school itself. We just wanna see Sun Xu out (which yes, I agree that his citizenship should be revoked.)

He HAS apologized for the remarks he made. But sometimes, that just ain’t enough. You don’t call degrade someone – or someONES, an entire nation, in this case –  and just say sorry. That’s like stabbing someone in a vital area and saying ‘oops sorry’. Full story:

Actually if we think about it, we are not exactly attacking Sun Xu per se but the root of it – which is essentially PRC. I’m not calling it a problem, but rather an issue, which is more neutral.

Hey, I have PRC friends and I wanna keep ’em thank you very much.

Why do we have PRCs in the first place?

For those of you who studied (or are studying) social studies, you’d probably have this fact drummed into your head –

Singapore has little natural resources. Our only resources are people.

Which is true. If you think about it, Singapore’s main resources are its people. No people = economy dies – simple logic which I’m sure that all of you can grasp.

Remember our history lessons where there was a Baby Boom due to the war? Yeah well, imagine those people turning 60+++ this period. And remember the ‘Stop at 2’ policy? A combination of these two factors…along with the fact that not many of us now are keen to have babies (and other factors of course)…it inadvertently led to Singapore having an Ageing Population.

So how? Call in PRs. No really, it’s to help fill in the ‘gap’ so that there would be able people working to keep the economy going. Whether or not that will help the elderly…that I can’t judge. Maybe it will but not in the way we want/expect.

Of course, I’m not saying that I agree with the way that the issue is being handled. Like my partner says – understanding something doesn’t equate to agreeing with it. At times it just better helps us understand WHY we disagree with it in the first place instead of just blindly following the crowd.

Nevertheless, all of this is just my opinion. Everyone has theirs and I shall not shove mine down everyone’s or anyone’s throat for that matter.



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