“Tweet tweet -” OH STFU!

Like most people my age (perhaps give or take a couple of years or so), in this era, I’m totally addicted to social media.I’d leave my Facebook on for new notifications/private messages, refresh my twitter account for every time a new tweet comes in, check out my blog to track the number of views and for comments etc.

Facebook not much issues so far, (except for a couple of people whom I had to wipe off my friend list), blog wise – not a supremely popular blog so it’s cool.

Twitter………well…twitter…is kinda…well…starting to annoy me just a little. Thankfully it hasn’t crossed the threshold of – ‘DELETE TWITTER ACCOUNT!’

Don’t mind me but the internet is sometimes filled with twits (pun intended)

On twitter, we follow people, yes? We follow others, others follow us; we retweet stuff we find interesting and such.

Now here’s the problem. What happens when we follow a specific twitter account…and that account decides to retweet other accounts…I’m not done yet…on a timely basis of EVERY BLOODY SINGLE SECOND.


I’ve come across some twitter accounts whom I have followed…and they are constantly retweeting some other account, spamming up my page. I mean, fine if you have something interesting to retweet from someone else’s account, do so by all means. I don’t mind. But don’t overdo it.

And it gets worst when tweets start coming in advertising people to ‘follow _____’s tweets and _____ will follow you.’

Well duh you have a lot of followers. But what’s the point? It’s just info overload if you ask me.

So yeah, desperate little me has decided to just unfollow those accounts. Sorry man but lemme tell ya. If ya tweets are good enough, we’ll follow ’em. You don’t have to spam the pages of other people’s accounts with their tweets. That’s just plain annoying.

Now back to sieving photos. Have a good day everyone – while I clear my twitter account at the same time.


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