Dragon Nest Academic Class!!! Part II

Back story:

‘The Academic class hails from the future, at a time where Lagendia has been completely destroyed by the evil Red Dragon. Many of the great heroes have perished in the great battle, and survivors are few and far between.

Feelings of despair and hopelessness run rampant in the lands, and survivors decide to abandon their current world and create a new one, to prevent the imminent destruction and death. In order to do so, they will need to go back in time to save Prophet Rose and activate Goddess Altea’s Monolith.

Spearheading the mission is Academic Jasmine, the Chief Developer of Berlin Corporation and the granddaughter of Kelvin and Lily. After fixing her grandfather’s Apocalypse airship, which is capable of travelling through time and space, she sends her younger sister (Playable Character) to the past, to complete the mission of creating a new world.

However, during the course of the time travel, Academic Jasmine’s sister is struck by an unknown accident and she ends up in current Lagendia. Having travelled 50 years backwards, to the present time, her physical form has taken on that of a child.

Now in order to save Lagendia from its impending future, Academic Jasmine’s sister will have to unravel which time period she has ended up in and race to save the prophet to complete her mission. Her only means of communication with Jasmine, who is in the future, is the Academic Station.

With Lagendia on the brink of chaos, time is of the essence. Now young Academic, the future of Lagendia is in your hands! Go forth and light the beacon of hope for the people of the future!’


OKAY! My academic class character (NurvyLin) has just leveled up and gained a few levels! =D

Here are my current skills. Since I’m planning on following this route – Academic -> Alchemist -> Adept, I didn’t select


Quick Shoot -> Level 2

Air Shot -> Level 1

Napalm -> Level 1


Wrench Smashing -> Level 1

Magnifier Attack -> Level 1

Air Bomb -> Level 1

Dodge -> Level 1

My upcoming skills that I wanna’ learn are:


Bubble Bubble


Aerial Evasion

Health Bolster

Mental Foritude

Attuned Mind

P.S. I love my Bubble Gun XD It’s so cute. ‘Bloop bloop’ ‘Pop Pop’

See ya all around!

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Dragon Nest Academic Class!!!

Ho mama! It’s here! It’s finally here!!!! The newest class addition in le Dragon Nest SEA!

Let us all welcome…

*drum roll*

THE ACADEMIC CLASS!!!! Here’s a video (which I am pretty sure most, if not all of you Dragon-nesters die hard fans out there have definitely watched!!)

Isn’t she just adorable? XD

Anyway, I have already decided. My Academic class shall be an Alchemist (my partner’s going to be an Engineer =D).

Video Preview

Top: Alchemist; Bottom: Engineer Boss Rush

More updates after I try out my new academic(alchemist) character ^^

See ya everyone!!!!


‘Why is 1+1 = 2?’

I had a fairly interesting conversation with my partner a couple of days back. It all started with this mathematical question:

1 + 1 = ???

Well, depending on the context it could be either ‘2’ or ’10’ (for those who learned binary would figure out why 1+1 = 10).

Then my partner asked. Why is 1 + 1 = 2?

I stared at him.

His logic is highly interesting in my opinion. Hey, you gotta admit, the education system for the first few years usually involves shoving information down your throat. Thus his analysis totally captured my attention.

Let’s say I have 1 apple and he gives me 1. How many apples do I have? I, as someone who works with numbers (and calculators) fairly often, answered 2. He stared at me and asked why is it 2? I couldn’t answer.

He went on by saying what if the apples are different? What if 1 apple is red and 1 is green? Or 1 is a fuji apple and the other some other kind of apple? Does it still amount to two?

i thought for a few seconds…and still couldn’t come up with a reply.

In his opinion, there are many variables that should be considered. The weight, the size, the circumference, the type, the length of the stem, the shade/color of the apple etc.

Unless the two apples are completely identical…as in clone-like identical, why should the answer be 2?

I simply smiled cause honestly speaking? I’ve never met anyone who has that kind of analytical abilities.

True, he might not be smart academically, but in other areas? He’s a whole lot more intelligent than even some uni students I know.

I couldn’t help but mention though,

Of course, there’re other answers to what 1+1 equals to. We have 11, or like my cousin likes to put it -> window.

At first I didn’t get it…but then I thought…remember how we used to draw windows as a kids? It’s usually a square/rectangle like shape that’s divided into 4 grids? Visualize it in your head and you’ll figure out why I said that.

My partner disagreed though. He reckoned that it should be called ‘tian’ and not window. Cause as adults we should have a better grasp of knowledge and chinese words.

I simply sighed.

Ok, that’s all people! =D

‘Singapore girl laughs at NSF who died during training: Singaporeans too weak? LOL’ WTF?!

I don’t usually pay much attention to TR news…but this article caught my eye.

For those who don’t know what happened, here’s a summary:

Remember 21 years old Private (PTE) Lee Rui Feng Dominique Sarron from the 3rd Battalion of the Singapore Infantry Regiment (SIR) who collapsed and died? Yeah well, here’s a reply from one Singaporean girl:

“Singaporeans too weak? LOL”

full article: http://temasektimes.wordpress.com/2012/04/18/singapore-girl-laughs-at-nsf-who-died-during-training-singaporeans-too-weak-lol/

I fumed…and I rarely fume…although I seem to be doing this fairly often these days. No idea why.


I’ll gladly bet my last cent that our ‘dear’ Huiting did not, once, attended NS. Thereby it’s safe to say she did NOT have to suffer or go through what NS people did/do.

So why the F*** is she saying such a thing, implying as if she’s a gung-ho mighty strong person, when she has not even experienced NS life for herself?

Why am I mad/pissed/upset/annoyed/angry?

  1. She has just added on/begun a generalization that Singaporean girls are like that. Bad. Insensitive. Bla bla. Not that there aren’t enough generalizations going on about us.
  2. Does she know that by saying such a thing, she’s literally showing blatent disrespect to the deceased as well as his family?
  3. Oh wait, not just this particular deceased but every NS guys who have died/made humongous sacrifices while going through training to protect ALL OF US. I can’t imagine how depressing it must be to be slogging your way through to protect someone and this is how the person (or people) repay(s) you.

So pretty missy why not ya get your ass out of that cushy comfy chair you’re sitting in, and go sign on in the army?

Then we shall see who’s weak.


A fed up and pissed off Girl from Singapore.

*i misunderstood the meaning of keyboard hero and has thus removed the usage altogether. my bad. 

Dragon Nest SEA – Singapore @ JCube Dhoby Ghaut!

Oh hohohohoho!!

Ok the event happened last Sunday (15th April) and I must say it was a rather interesting experience for me.

After all, it WAS my first time going for an event that has nothing to do with school and is instead part of my own interest/passion.

As I looked around, I realized that almost all were guys…there were some females but those females were…well…how do you put it…’high’? As in die-hard hardcore players. And I was one quiet little person who had absolutely no prior PvP experience before…hey I simply play dungeons.

There was a lucky draw, photo taking session with Events Planner Irine and of course the main event which occurred throughout the day – Speed Party PVP!

I met up with my friends and we were one of the first few to get in =D YAY!! We managed to grab the limited Dragon Nest Tee-Shirt (new extra shirt for me!)

Lucky me. It was black and black happens to be my favorite color. Shall upload a photo of the shirt once i actually have time to dig it out of my pouch. Yeah well usually when I get home from work I’m half-dead.


PVP was fuuuunnnnnn…except I got pawned 2x…and each time I was utterly defeated. Not a single win. Sad. Oh well, I’m a PvE person, not PvP. First time I was up against an Elemental Lord, (defeated me 3x in a row) and next was a Paladin (also 3x in a row of defeat). I decided to not further humiliate myself and just disappear.

I didn’t say long enough for the lucky draw or photos with Irine…but my friends did =D Hope they had fun.

The house gift included a 30-day in-game pet hound…not that I actually need or want one.

So..yeah. Dragon Nest SEA event in Singapore. First non-school gaming event I went for.


*SPECIAL* Princess Pearl (還珠格格 – Huan Zhu Ge Ge) BGMs

OKAY! Who remembers the Princess Pearl series raise your hand!

Yes. I grew up with this show actually XD loved it when I was younger and NEVER NEVER missed a single episode of it.

And for someone like me who LOVES music, obviously I would HAVE to listen to the various music that came along with it.

Hey, IMO, a show isn’t complete with good accompanying music. Anyway, I did a mini compilation on this post for a couple of the songs XD

Completed with lyrics, of course.

**Note: Yours truly does not own any of the music nor lyrics nor the video itself. I’m just a fan trying to bring back the golden days



有一個姑娘 她有一些任性 她還有一些囂張
有一個姑娘 她有一些叛逆 她還有一些瘋狂
沒事吵吵小架 反正醒著也是醒著
沒事說說小謊 反正閒著也是閒著
有一個姑娘 她有一些任性 她還有一些囂張
有一個姑娘 她有一些叛逆 她還有一些瘋狂
喔~ 喔~ 喔~ 是哪個姑娘呀 哈~我就是這個姑娘(嘿)
整天嘻嘻哈哈 看見風兒就起浪
也曾迷迷糊糊 大禍小禍一起闖
還曾山山水水 敢愛敢恨走四方
更曾轟轟烈烈 拼死拼活愛一場
有一個姑娘 她有一些任性 她還有一些囂張
有一個姑娘 她有一些叛逆 她還有一些瘋狂
沒事彈彈琵琶 反正醒著也是醒著
沒事打扮打扮 反正閒著也是閒著



感謝天 感謝地 感謝命運 讓我們相遇
自從有了你 生命裡都是奇跡
多少痛苦 多少歡笑 交織成一片燦爛的記憶
感謝風 感謝雲 感謝陽光 照射著大地
自從有了你 世界變得好美麗
一起漂泊 一起流浪 歲月裡全是醉人的甜蜜
海可 石可爛 天可崩 地可裂
我們肩並著肩 手牽著手
海可 石可爛 天可崩 地可裂
我們肩並著肩 手牽著手 手牽著手…..
踏遍天涯 訪遍夕陽 歌遍雲和月



在風裡飛翔 不怕雨露風霜
尋找白雲的故鄉 不知天高地厚
浪跡天涯 走過釵h地方 蜂飛蝶舞
纏纏綿綿 捕捉彩霞夕陽
驚天動地 掀起釵h風浪
我們相遇相知 細細珍藏
我們結伴同行 用生命寫下詩章





夢裡聽到你的低訴 要為我遮風霜雨露
夢裡聽到你的呼喚 要為我築愛的宮牆
一句一句 一聲一聲 訴說著地老和天荒
一絲一絲 一薑一薑 訴說著地久和天長
夢裡看到你的眼光 閃耀著無盡的期望
夢裡看到你的畦 凝聚著無盡的癡狂
一句一句 一聲一聲 訴說著地老和天荒
一絲一絲 一薑一薑 訴說著地久和天長
喔 天蒼蒼 地茫茫 你是我永恆的陽光
山無陵 天地合 你是我永久的天堂



當山峰沒有 峻角的時候 當河水不再流
當時間停住 日夜不分 當天地萬物 化為虛有
我還是不能和你分手 不能和你分手
你的溫柔是我今生 最大的守候
AH~ 讓我們紅塵作伴 活得瀟瀟
讓我們策馬奔騰 共享人世繁華
讓我們對酒當歌 唱出心中喜悅
讓我們轟轟烈烈 把握青春年華
當太陽不再上升的時候 當地球不再轉動
當春夏秋冬 不再變換 當花草樹木 全部凋殘
我還是不能和你分散 不能和你分散
你的笑容是我今生 最大的眷戀



你是風兒我是沙 纏纏綿綿繞天涯 (x2)
珍重再見 今宵有酒今宵醉
對酒當歌 長憶蝴蝶款款飛
莫再留連 富貴榮華都是假
纏纏綿綿 你是風兒我是沙
你是風兒我是沙 纏纏綿綿繞天涯 (x2)
叮嚀囑咐 千言萬語留不住
人海茫茫 山長水闊知何處
浪跡天涯 從此並肩看彩霞
纏纏綿綿 你是風兒我是沙
點點滴滴 往日雲煙往日花
天地悠悠 有情相守才是家
朝朝暮暮 不妨踏遍紅塵路
纏纏綿綿 你是風兒我是沙
你是風兒我是沙 纏纏綿綿繞天涯(x2)



愛到心破碎也別去怪誰 只因為相遇太美
就算流乾 傷到底 心成灰也無所謂
我破繭成蝶願和你雙飛 最怕你楔@去不回
雖然愛過我 給過我 想過我就是安慰
我向你飛 雨溫柔的墜 像你的擁抱把我包圍
我向你飛 多遠都不累 雖然旅途中有過痛和梡

我向你追 風溫柔的吹 只要你無怨我也無悔
愛是那麼美 我心陶醉 被愛的感覺

Classic Chinese Songs – 80s n 90s

And so another blog post from me about songs =D This time, it’s Chinese songs from the good ol’ days.

Personally I feel that the modern music culture isn’t as fantastic as those in the golden days. Thus, I listen to mostly oldies and goodies. Where lyrics actually MAKE SENSE and it’s not just a bundle of repeated gibberish and shallow meanings. (Not all, but it’s so rare and I really don’t wanna dig through loads of ‘music’ to find good ones.)

Anyway, here are my top few faves – not in any particular order.

Feel bloody old all of a sudden =p


王菲 – 棋子 


毛阿敏 – 相思 




周华健 – 朋友


邰正宵 – 千纸鹤


鄧麗君 – 我只在乎你

That’s all ~~~~