Classic Chinese Songs – 80s n 90s

And so another blog post from me about songs =D This time, it’s Chinese songs from the good ol’ days.

Personally I feel that the modern music culture isn’t as fantastic as those in the golden days. Thus, I listen to mostly oldies and goodies. Where lyrics actually MAKE SENSE and it’s not just a bundle of repeated gibberish and shallow meanings. (Not all, but it’s so rare and I really don’t wanna dig through loads of ‘music’ to find good ones.)

Anyway, here are my top few faves – not in any particular order.

Feel bloody old all of a sudden =p


王菲 – 棋子 


毛阿敏 – 相思 




周华健 – 朋友


邰正宵 – 千纸鹤


鄧麗君 – 我只在乎你

That’s all ~~~~


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