Dragon Nest SEA – Singapore @ JCube Dhoby Ghaut!

Oh hohohohoho!!

Ok the event happened last Sunday (15th April) and I must say it was a rather interesting experience for me.

After all, it WAS my first time going for an event that has nothing to do with school and is instead part of my own interest/passion.

As I looked around, I realized that almost all were guys…there were some females but those females were…well…how do you put it…’high’? As in die-hard hardcore players. And I was one quiet little person who had absolutely no prior PvP experience before…hey I simply play dungeons.

There was a lucky draw, photo taking session with Events Planner Irine and of course the main event which occurred throughout the day – Speed Party PVP!

I met up with my friends and we were one of the first few to get in =D YAY!! We managed to grab the limited Dragon Nest Tee-Shirt (new extra shirt for me!)

Lucky me. It was black and black happens to be my favorite color. Shall upload a photo of the shirt once i actually have time to dig it out of my pouch. Yeah well usually when I get home from work I’m half-dead.


PVP was fuuuunnnnnn…except I got pawned 2x…and each time I was utterly defeated. Not a single win. Sad. Oh well, I’m a PvE person, not PvP. First time I was up against an Elemental Lord, (defeated me 3x in a row) and next was a Paladin (also 3x in a row of defeat). I decided to not further humiliate myself and just disappear.

I didn’t say long enough for the lucky draw or photos with Irine…but my friends did =D Hope they had fun.

The house gift included a 30-day in-game pet hound…not that I actually need or want one.

So..yeah. Dragon Nest SEA event in Singapore. First non-school gaming event I went for.



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