‘Singapore girl laughs at NSF who died during training: Singaporeans too weak? LOL’ WTF?!

I don’t usually pay much attention to TR news…but this article caught my eye.

For those who don’t know what happened, here’s a summary:

Remember 21 years old Private (PTE) Lee Rui Feng Dominique Sarron from the 3rd Battalion of the Singapore Infantry Regiment (SIR) who collapsed and died? Yeah well, here’s a reply from one Singaporean girl:

“Singaporeans too weak? LOL”

full article: http://temasektimes.wordpress.com/2012/04/18/singapore-girl-laughs-at-nsf-who-died-during-training-singaporeans-too-weak-lol/

I fumed…and I rarely fume…although I seem to be doing this fairly often these days. No idea why.


I’ll gladly bet my last cent that our ‘dear’ Huiting did not, once, attended NS. Thereby it’s safe to say she did NOT have to suffer or go through what NS people did/do.

So why the F*** is she saying such a thing, implying as if she’s a gung-ho mighty strong person, when she has not even experienced NS life for herself?

Why am I mad/pissed/upset/annoyed/angry?

  1. She has just added on/begun a generalization that Singaporean girls are like that. Bad. Insensitive. Bla bla. Not that there aren’t enough generalizations going on about us.
  2. Does she know that by saying such a thing, she’s literally showing blatent disrespect to the deceased as well as his family?
  3. Oh wait, not just this particular deceased but every NS guys who have died/made humongous sacrifices while going through training to protect ALL OF US. I can’t imagine how depressing it must be to be slogging your way through to protect someone and this is how the person (or people) repay(s) you.

So pretty missy why not ya get your ass out of that cushy comfy chair you’re sitting in, and go sign on in the army?

Then we shall see who’s weak.


A fed up and pissed off Girl from Singapore.

*i misunderstood the meaning of keyboard hero and has thus removed the usage altogether. my bad. 


One thought on “‘Singapore girl laughs at NSF who died during training: Singaporeans too weak? LOL’ WTF?!

  1. keyboardwarrior says:

    she has apologized. please stop all the hatings it. this is not helping the country’s image at all. you are just adding oil to this situation by making yourself look really fedup.

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