Having a family in Singapore? More $$$ in pockets isn’t enough

Okay. Unless you’re a mountain turtle or have been living under a rock, I think you’d have heard at least ONCE about living expenses, starting a family, raising a kid etc. in Singapore.

And I think we all know that it just isn’t easy.

There are about a gazillion factors that goes through my head when I think about the issues of starting a family in Singapore – and guess what people? Money is just one of them.

Yes, the living expenses in Singapore is rather high, and is going up even higher thanks to inflation. Essentially to survive, we have no choice but to earn more money. Of course, sometimes people tend to go overboard with being materialistic and stuff even if they can’t afford it.

Yes, both males and females who favor money over health and their personal well-being. I have heard of horror stories where people starve themselves just to buy branded goods to show off. Or steal. Or enter prostitution.

But that’s not the point.

In terms of money, if one truly wishes to start a family but the amount of money isn’t sufficient, then make sacrifices. I’m not saying no food/drinks/living on scraps. I’m saying sacrifice overseas trips, cut down on expensive restaurant foods and such. Oh, and don’t buy more than what you need. Splurging once in awhile is ok,  but don’t overdo it. Latest trends and gadgets are not usually a must-have.

Also, how do you have more money in your pocket? Work. You slug your way out, climb up the corporate ladder, do plenty of OTs, just to earn a few more bucks. By the time you get home, you’ll be too tired to have a proper bonding session with your children. Having kids and seeing them only a few hours each day and two full days is not going to help bond the kid with the parents.

And yes, of course. There are those who don’t even have a chance to get attached. I believe the phrase ‘Why you want to have boyfriend/girlfriend? Study first lah! Get proper job first!’ And as faithful obedient little children, we do just that. Of course i’m not saying that you are entitled to get attached at a young age, especially not before your international exams are done with (aka O levels and A levels). After that, there are parents who still insist that their children carry on studying.

Essentially, studying and working has become part of their lives. It’s been ingrained into them and thus even in the future, they don’t actively seek out partners to be have long-term attachments with. Sometimes it’s their own choice, other times it’s cause their studies and work just takes up too much of their time.

In Singapore, our only resource are our people. We have minimal/almost no natural resources. Therefore, each of us are literally milked dry in order for our economy to grow. That’s the sad reality of it all. Without people, our country is just going to die.

Although fine to be fair it was the policies that landed us in this state in the first place.

So yeah, thinking of having a family in Singapore? Earning more money to cover living expenses isn’t enough. Unless you’re going to be like those parents who simply give their kids money and let them do whatever they want without caring for their emotional needs, you’ll probably need to find some other way to have a proper family where you can actually have sufficient time to bond with your kid.