Revival of my Almost Dead Blog

*looks around cautiously*

O…kay…I am so sorry to all who have sent me messages for the past half a year and received no reply. 


I have been dead busy with all the stuff that’s coming in =( Literally. Fell sick a couple of times, lack of sleep…kinda’ resulting in this ->


I shall try my utmost best to be more active from now~~~

Do forgive me if I can’t because…well…working full time and studying part time is no easy feat. To all those who are doing the same thing as I am – kudos to you guys. 

To appease all of you who are still absolutely set on killing me/setting me on fire/doing goodness-knows-what to me, here’s a photo of a cute little kitteh as an apology and a gift to appease y’all ><“


In the meantime, I shall start replying to as much people as I possibly can when I am still free and my mood to study is still somewhere…out there.



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