What I am.

. Someone who is an introvert at times and extrovert at times, but mostly introverted

. Someone who thrives in challenging and brain-simulating environments

. Someone who grew up with an illusion of a ‘perfect’ family, only to have the image destroyed later on in her late teen years.

. Someone who did not have proper parental guidance

. Someone who loves and treasures relationships/friendships

. Someone who hates betrayals

. Someone who uses music and writing as a form of expression

. Someone who is an avid gamer – playing anything from FPS, MMORPGs to War Strategies and simple Puzzle games

. Someone who believes in traditional values, yet integrates modern values into her life at the same time

. Someone who gives it all to who she loves and deserves her respect

. Someone who explores as much as possible – covering grounds from the Arts all the way to Sciences

. Someone who is constantly thirsting for knowledge and learning opportunities

. Someone who would like to have intellectual debates and receive as many perspectives as possible and

Last of all…

. Someone who isn’t afraid to be herself in this world of conformity.

Nurviya Lin Yue Er


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