Answer to Einstein’s Riddle

For those of you who have figured out – YAY!! Congratulations!

For those of you who haven’t, it’s okay…this post will be giving you the answer.



And here goes…

Answer: Germany.

This is how I solved it:

> I drew out five houses:

House 1                House 2                House 3                House 4                House 5

> Now, we know that the Norweigen lives in the first house right? So I wrote ‘Norweigen’ under House 1.

House 1                House 2                House 3                House 4                House 5


> 2nd last point: Norweigen lives next to the blue house. So that makes the second house blue, since it’s already at the end and there’s no houses built before it. I changed the name of the house to ‘Blue’ instead for easier reference.

House 1                Blue                House 3                House 4                House 5


> Next point I took note of is: ‘The man living in the centre house drinks milk. So, okay. Milk goes in the centre.

House 1                Blue                House 3                House 4                House 5

Norweigen                                   Milk

> *looks through the points* ah! Here an important one: ‘The Green house is on the left of the white house’ and ‘the green homeowner drinks coffee’. If you look at the previous ‘graph’, there can only be one position for the green house. Yes. The 4th house.

House 1           Blue           House 3           Green           House 5

Norweigen                         Milk                   Coffee

> Moreover, we knows that the owner drinks coffee and that the house on its right is white. That makes the 5th house white:

House 1           Blue           House 3           Green           White

Norweigen                         Milk                  Coffee

> As of now, there are only two houses with unknown colors – the first and third. We know that the Brit lives in a red house. Since the first house is already occupied by the Norweigen, we can conclude that the Brit lives in House 3, which is therefore a red house.

House 1           Blue           Red           Green           White

Norweigen                         Milk                        Coffee


> And since there are only 5 colors and 5 houses, our first house is Yellow.

Yellow           Blue           Red           Green           White

Norweigen                       Milk          Coffee


> And yes! There is information on the yellow house owner: ‘The owner of the yellow house smokes Dunhill

Yellow              Blue           Red           Green           White

Norweigen                          Milk          Coffee

Dunhill                                  Brit

> ‘The man who keeps the horse lives next to the man who smokes Dunhill.’ Since the person who smokes Dunhill is living at the edge of ‘Town’, the owner keeping a horse would be living in the blue house.

Yellow              Blue           Red           Green           White

Norweigen      Horse        Milk          Coffee

Dunhill                                  Brit

> Okay, so my next point used was: ‘The man who smokes Blend has a neighbour who drinks water’. With that information, we can eliminate the white house option because the person living in the White house would only have ONE neighbour and that neighbour is already drinking coffee. That leaves us with Yellow and Blue.

> So how do we tell whether it’s Yellow or Blue? You might have your own deductions, but for me, I simply used the fact that there’s already someone smoking another brand in the Yellow house, which leaves us with the Blue house and the Yellow House homeowner drinking the water. Hence, we have this diagram:

Yellow              Blue           Red           Green           White

Norweigen      Horse       Milk          Coffee

Dunhill             Blend        Brit


> My next clue: ‘The man who smokes bluemaster drinks beer’. I immediately threw those two into the ‘White’ House since as far as I know, the ‘White’ House category doesn’t contain any beverages or cigar brand.

Yellow              Blue           Red           Green           White

Norweigen      Horse       Milk          Coffee            Beer

Dunhill             Blend             Brit                          Bluemaster


> That leaves us with only one house where the tea goes to. The ‘Blue House’ and since the clue says ‘The Dane drinks tea’, that’s where they belong.

Yellow              Blue            Red           Green           White

Norweigen      Horse         Milk         Coffee            Beer

Dunhill             Blend          Brit                                   Bluemaster

Water                Tea

Cat                     Dane

> Almost there. Two complete three to go. ‘The person who smokes Pall Mall rears birds’ and ‘The German smokes prince’. The German belongs in the Green house because the Red House already has a Brit living in it, and the White House already has a brand of cigar being smoked.

Yellow              Blue           Red           Green           White

Norweigen      Horse       Milk          Coffee           Beer

Dunhill             Blend        Brit           German       Bluemaster

Water                Tea                               Prince

Cat                     Dane

> ‘The person who smokes Pall Mall rears birds’. That leaves us with the Brit in the Red House because there’s already a cigar brand being smoked in the White House.

Yellow              Blue           Red           Green           White

Norweigen      Horse       Milk           Coffee           Beer

Dunhill             Blend        Brit            German        Bluemaster

Water                Tea           Pall Mall   Prince

Cat                      Dane        Birds

> Let’s throw in the fact that The Swede keeps dogs as pets. Now we know that:

Yellow              Blue           Red            Green           White

Norweigen      Horse        Milk           Coffee           Beer

Dunhill             Blend         Brit            German        Bluemaster

Water                Tea             Pall Mall   Prince          Swiss

Cat                     Dane           Birds                                 Dogs

As of now, we can actually conclude that:

The German owns the fish.

The final diagram is:

Yellow               Blue            Red            Green            White

Norweigen       Horse        Milk           Coffee            Beer

Dunhill              Blend         Brit            German         Bluemaster

Water                Tea             Pall Mall    Prince           Swiss

Cat                      Dane          Birds           FISH            Dogs

I’m sure we all had our own ways to solve this riddle. Do feel free to share ’em ^^

Ciao everybody!

For the riddle: Click here

Einstein’s Riddle!

Okay so I came across this riddle today and I just HAD to give it a shot at solving it.

Yes, I love solving riddles and cracking my brain open. The aftermath usually gives me a sense of adrenalin rush XD since caffeine and sugar rush doesn’t seem to work on me.

Anyway, I’d like to share this riddle with the rest of you. So, have fun solving it!


I dare you: Einstein's riddle

Figured out the answer? Great. Don’t spoil it for the rest please XD I’ve solved the answer and would perhaps give the solution…just need to back track on my logic and train of thoughts.


Dragon Nest Academic Class!!! Part II

Back story:

‘The Academic class hails from the future, at a time where Lagendia has been completely destroyed by the evil Red Dragon. Many of the great heroes have perished in the great battle, and survivors are few and far between.

Feelings of despair and hopelessness run rampant in the lands, and survivors decide to abandon their current world and create a new one, to prevent the imminent destruction and death. In order to do so, they will need to go back in time to save Prophet Rose and activate Goddess Altea’s Monolith.

Spearheading the mission is Academic Jasmine, the Chief Developer of Berlin Corporation and the granddaughter of Kelvin and Lily. After fixing her grandfather’s Apocalypse airship, which is capable of travelling through time and space, she sends her younger sister (Playable Character) to the past, to complete the mission of creating a new world.

However, during the course of the time travel, Academic Jasmine’s sister is struck by an unknown accident and she ends up in current Lagendia. Having travelled 50 years backwards, to the present time, her physical form has taken on that of a child.

Now in order to save Lagendia from its impending future, Academic Jasmine’s sister will have to unravel which time period she has ended up in and race to save the prophet to complete her mission. Her only means of communication with Jasmine, who is in the future, is the Academic Station.

With Lagendia on the brink of chaos, time is of the essence. Now young Academic, the future of Lagendia is in your hands! Go forth and light the beacon of hope for the people of the future!’


OKAY! My academic class character (NurvyLin) has just leveled up and gained a few levels! =D

Here are my current skills. Since I’m planning on following this route – Academic -> Alchemist -> Adept, I didn’t select


Quick Shoot -> Level 2

Air Shot -> Level 1

Napalm -> Level 1


Wrench Smashing -> Level 1

Magnifier Attack -> Level 1

Air Bomb -> Level 1

Dodge -> Level 1

My upcoming skills that I wanna’ learn are:


Bubble Bubble


Aerial Evasion

Health Bolster

Mental Foritude

Attuned Mind

P.S. I love my Bubble Gun XD It’s so cute. ‘Bloop bloop’ ‘Pop Pop’

See ya all around!

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Dragon Nest Academic Class!!!

Ho mama! It’s here! It’s finally here!!!! The newest class addition in le Dragon Nest SEA!

Let us all welcome…

*drum roll*

THE ACADEMIC CLASS!!!! Here’s a video (which I am pretty sure most, if not all of you Dragon-nesters die hard fans out there have definitely watched!!)

Isn’t she just adorable? XD

Anyway, I have already decided. My Academic class shall be an Alchemist (my partner’s going to be an Engineer =D).

Video Preview

Top: Alchemist; Bottom: Engineer Boss Rush

More updates after I try out my new academic(alchemist) character ^^

See ya everyone!!!!


Dragon Nest SEA – Singapore @ JCube Dhoby Ghaut!

Oh hohohohoho!!

Ok the event happened last Sunday (15th April) and I must say it was a rather interesting experience for me.

After all, it WAS my first time going for an event that has nothing to do with school and is instead part of my own interest/passion.

As I looked around, I realized that almost all were guys…there were some females but those females were…well…how do you put it…’high’? As in die-hard hardcore players. And I was one quiet little person who had absolutely no prior PvP experience before…hey I simply play dungeons.

There was a lucky draw, photo taking session with Events Planner Irine and of course the main event which occurred throughout the day – Speed Party PVP!

I met up with my friends and we were one of the first few to get in =D YAY!! We managed to grab the limited Dragon Nest Tee-Shirt (new extra shirt for me!)

Lucky me. It was black and black happens to be my favorite color. Shall upload a photo of the shirt once i actually have time to dig it out of my pouch. Yeah well usually when I get home from work I’m half-dead.


PVP was fuuuunnnnnn…except I got pawned 2x…and each time I was utterly defeated. Not a single win. Sad. Oh well, I’m a PvE person, not PvP. First time I was up against an Elemental Lord, (defeated me 3x in a row) and next was a Paladin (also 3x in a row of defeat). I decided to not further humiliate myself and just disappear.

I didn’t say long enough for the lucky draw or photos with Irine…but my friends did =D Hope they had fun.

The house gift included a 30-day in-game pet hound…not that I actually need or want one.

So..yeah. Dragon Nest SEA event in Singapore. First non-school gaming event I went for.


Pokemon Video Game Medley (Band Version)

As a die-hard fan of Pokemon, I could NOT resist blogging about this after I came across this video =D

I puked rainbows after listening to this piece just like this guy:

The music genius who arranged this piece of music is called Tyler Asuncion, a high school student from Hilo High School. It was produced with finale as part of a senior project.

Hope you enjoy the video:


iPhone Gelato Mania Walkthrough (World 1 Level 19-27)

Sooo here’s the next 9 levels! I’m really sorry for the slow and infrequent updates ><” Happens when you’re working =p sorry work comes first for me after all ^^ HAHAHAHA! Ok let’s get on with it…

Level 19: Pink Plate -> Ball-shape thing with beads -> Green Bucket -> Remove Ball-Shape thing

Level 20: Ball-shape thing with beads -> Pink Bucket -> Horizontal Ring -> Brown Bucket -> Remove Horizontal ring -> Mini left pink scoop -> Mini left green scoop -> Mini right cream scoop -> Mini brown cream scoop

Level 21: Horizontal Ring -> Pink Bucket -> Brown Plate -> Remove Horizontal Ring -> Blend -> Mini left brown scoop, Mini right brown scoop -> Close Shelf -> 4 drops of Red Syrup -> 2 Shakes of Rainbow Sprinkles -> Cherry

Level 22: Horizontal Ring -> Pink Bucket -> Vertical Ring (DO NOT REMOVE HORIZONTAL RING) -> Brown Bucket -> Remove Both Rings -> Blend -> Mini Left cream scoop -> Mini left brown scoop -> Close Shelf -> Cream -> Cherry

Level 23: Horizontal Ring -> Pink Bucket -> Brown Plate -> Mask with eye holes -> Green Bucket -> Mini right cream scoop -> 4 drops of Yellow Syrup -> Cherry

Level 24: Helmet -> Brown Bucket -> Remove Helmet -> Ball-shape thing with beads -> Pink Bucket -> New scoop of ice-cream -> 2 Shakes of brown sprinkles

Level 25: Brown Bucket -> Vertical Ring -> Cream Bucket -> New Scoop of Ice-cream -> Sunglasses -> Brown Bucket -> Horizontal Ring AND Vertical Ring -> Cream Bucket -> Mini Left Cream Scoop -> Mini Right Cream Scoop -> 4 drops of Brown Syrup

Level 26: Pink Bucket -> Helmet -> Cream Bucket -> Vertical Ring -> Cream Bucket -> Cherry

Level 27: Pink Bucket -> Helmet -> Cream Bucket -> Balls shape thing with beads -> Brown Bucket -> 2 shakes of peanut sprinkles

Look out for more! I should be able to update this tonight…for the rest of the World I stages.