Nurvy’s Adventure of Life

This page hosts a series of comics which are all based on true experiences of mine, and how…’strange’ yet amusing my life is as compared to some.

Main character: Nurvy

Recurring character: Zich

Both are soulmates of each other. So basically, this comic revolves mostly around the not-so-ordinary things which happen to these two. Hope y’all enjoy this series =] Forgive the not-so-good drawing though ><”

Comments and critics are welcome =]

(Click on pictures for larger view)

Idea Generation: If you are someone from the creative line, I think this would have occurred to you at least once in your entire working or studying period.

Normal vs. Nurvy: Random incidents which show how different my life is from the norm. Part 1.

how Nurvy and Zich have fun with cameras…

Nurvy and Zich take the word ‘together-ness’ to a whole new level.


Creative Commons License
This work by Nurviya is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


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