Organic Chem Self-Mug Tutorials

All right I admit.

Sometimes, I am simply too tired to attend lectures, especially when I have had a very busy day at work or I had insufficient sleep the previous night. (FYI – I’m doing part time studies and having a full time day job). Needless to say, I had to resort to other methods of studying for my quizzes, tests and what-nots.

Currently, the module which I am enrolled in has a very strong footing in Organic Chemistry. After sieving through what seems like a million videos on youtube, I finally came across these two channels which are my favourites –


1. Khan Academy.

Link –

Description – Our mission is to provide a world-class education for anyone, anywhere. This channel includes Khan Academy videos on Organic Chemistry presented by Jay. All Khan Academy content is available for free at

Here’s one of their videos on Chirality Centers and Stereoisomes as a sneak preview:


2. Freelance Teacher

Link –

Description – These videos are offered on a “pay what you like” basis. You can pay for the use of the videos at my website:

 At my website you can find links to playlists for all the video series, with series on similar topics arranged in suggested viewing order, as well as printable documents containing the “handouts” or problems discussed in the videos. I am not an expert on the topics covered in these videos. The videos may contain errors; viewer beware.

Sneak Preview on Aldehydes, Ketones and Enolates because I happened to be studying that


Both of these are useful if you’re enrolled into an institution like I am. However, if you’re not officially in an educational institution and you’d like to do some serious self-studying, then…the second one’s more for you. It actually has its own site and you can download contents from there.

For those already enrolled in a school, you SHOULD have your own notes and SHOULD be simply adding on to your own (like me) unless you hate your notes or deem them not useful.

Anyway, I hope these two channels prove useful to all my friends studying Organic Chemistry at a Degree level out there ~

Cheers XD