Choice of Zombies

Choice of Zombies

I am admittedly not usually a player of text-based games because it’s…well…a little on the boring side.

But hey, this game had the word ‘Zombies’ in it. As a fan of the genre, how could I resist? And considering it was a recommendation from a close friend of mine, whose taste I highly trust, I decided to give it a shot.

And I did NOT regret giving it a shot.

Heavily based on texts with absolutely zero graphics though it may be, the description is vivid enough for your imagination to kick in. So unless you have a severe lack of imagination (in which case you have my utmost pity and no I’m not being sarcastic), you ought to give this a shot.

Even more so if you’re a fan of anything zombie like I am =D


The title sort of gives it away ‘Choice of Zombies’. It’s a game of choice where each decision you make affects your Stats (number of zombies you’ve killed, Sensitivity, Selfishness, Heroism etc.) Instead of flipping pages of a physical book, the game is set in an MCQ-styled manner. A couple of choices would be given to you and it’s completely up to you to choose accordingly.

My first attempt resulted in me being bitten and turned into a zombie but…oh well…at least I had fun killing them whilst at it =D

I do hope y’all enjoy this game as much as I did.

Now for sleep.

Nitey nitez ^^