Einstein’s Riddle!

Okay so I came across this riddle today and I just HAD to give it a shot at solving it.

Yes, I love solving riddles and cracking my brain open. The aftermath usually gives me a sense of adrenalin rush XD since caffeine and sugar rush doesn’t seem to work on me.

Anyway, I’d like to share this riddle with the rest of you. So, have fun solving it!

Source: http://9gag.com/gag/4137344

I dare you: Einstein's riddle

Figured out the answer? Great. Don’t spoil it for the rest please XD I’ve solved the answer and would perhaps give the solution…just need to back track on my logic and train of thoughts.



Pokemon Video Game Medley (Band Version)

As a die-hard fan of Pokemon, I could NOT resist blogging about this after I came across this video =D

I puked rainbows after listening to this piece just like this guy:

The music genius who arranged this piece of music is called Tyler Asuncion, a high school student from Hilo High School. It was produced with finale as part of a senior project.

Hope you enjoy the video:


iPhone Gelato Mania Walkthrough (World 1 Level 19-27)

Sooo here’s the next 9 levels! I’m really sorry for the slow and infrequent updates ><” Happens when you’re working =p sorry work comes first for me after all ^^ HAHAHAHA! Ok let’s get on with it…

Level 19: Pink Plate -> Ball-shape thing with beads -> Green Bucket -> Remove Ball-Shape thing

Level 20: Ball-shape thing with beads -> Pink Bucket -> Horizontal Ring -> Brown Bucket -> Remove Horizontal ring -> Mini left pink scoop -> Mini left green scoop -> Mini right cream scoop -> Mini brown cream scoop

Level 21: Horizontal Ring -> Pink Bucket -> Brown Plate -> Remove Horizontal Ring -> Blend -> Mini left brown scoop, Mini right brown scoop -> Close Shelf -> 4 drops of Red Syrup -> 2 Shakes of Rainbow Sprinkles -> Cherry

Level 22: Horizontal Ring -> Pink Bucket -> Vertical Ring (DO NOT REMOVE HORIZONTAL RING) -> Brown Bucket -> Remove Both Rings -> Blend -> Mini Left cream scoop -> Mini left brown scoop -> Close Shelf -> Cream -> Cherry

Level 23: Horizontal Ring -> Pink Bucket -> Brown Plate -> Mask with eye holes -> Green Bucket -> Mini right cream scoop -> 4 drops of Yellow Syrup -> Cherry

Level 24: Helmet -> Brown Bucket -> Remove Helmet -> Ball-shape thing with beads -> Pink Bucket -> New scoop of ice-cream -> 2 Shakes of brown sprinkles

Level 25: Brown Bucket -> Vertical Ring -> Cream Bucket -> New Scoop of Ice-cream -> Sunglasses -> Brown Bucket -> Horizontal Ring AND Vertical Ring -> Cream Bucket -> Mini Left Cream Scoop -> Mini Right Cream Scoop -> 4 drops of Brown Syrup

Level 26: Pink Bucket -> Helmet -> Cream Bucket -> Vertical Ring -> Cream Bucket -> Cherry

Level 27: Pink Bucket -> Helmet -> Cream Bucket -> Balls shape thing with beads -> Brown Bucket -> 2 shakes of peanut sprinkles

Look out for more! I should be able to update this tonight…for the rest of the World I stages.


iPhone Gelato Mania Walkthrough (Lvls 9-18)

I apologise for being REALLY late in this update ><” happens when you get too distracted by other things that makes you rage/angsty. So anyway, at a request, I have decided to upload the next 11 levels all the way till level 20. (I stopped at level 8 for the previous post).

Note: For those of you who find it hard to tell the different between the left and right mini scoops, just remember – whichever side the HANDLE (purple portion) is facing, it will be on the opposite side when placed on the ice cream. E.g. The handle is facing the right, thus when placed on the ice cream, the mini scoop will appear on the left side. Vice versa applies of course.

9. Place ‘Helmet’ -> Pink Bucket -> Remove ‘Helmet’ -> Place 2 mini Green scoop, (Scoop should be facing left) -> Cream -> Cherry

10. Pink Bucket -> Horizontal Ring -> Green (Lime) Bucket -> Remove Ring -> Blender ->Cream -> Cherry

11. Horizontal Ring -> Pink Bucket -> Remove Horizontal Ring and Replace with Vertical Ring -> Pink Bucket -> Put both Horizontal and Vertical Ring -> Green Bucket -> Cream

12. Brown Bucket -> Sunglasses -> Cream Bucket -> Remove Sunglasses -> 1 Right Mini Brown Scoop and 1 Left Mini Brown Scoop

13. Sunglasses -> Brown Bucket -> Remove Sunglasses -> Pink Plate -> 1 Right Mini Pink Scoop and 1 Left Mini Pink Scoop -> 4 drops of Green Syrup

14. Sunglasses -> Brown Bucket -> Remove Sunglasses -> 1 Right Mini Brown Scoop, 1 Left Mini Brown Scoop -> 1 Right Mini Pink Scoop, 1 Left Mini Pink Scoop -> 4 drops of Brown syrup -> Cream -> Cherry ->

15. Vertical Ring -> Brown Bucket -> Remove Vertical and Replace with Horizontal Ring -> Pink Bucket -> Place Vertical Ring together with Horizontal Ring -> Green Bucket -> 1 Shake of Rainbow Sprinkles

16. Horizontal Ring -> Brown Bucket -> Remove Horizontal Ring -> Pink Plate -> Blender -> 1 Left Mini Cream Scoop, 1 Middle Mini Pink Scoop, 1 Right Mini Brown Scoop

17. Sunglasses -> Brown Bucket -> Remove Sunglasses -> Place both Horizontal and Vertical Ring -> Pink Bucket -> 6 drops of Brown Syrup -> Cream -> Cherry

18. Pink Bucket -> New Scoop of Ice Cream -> Sunglasses -> Brown Bucket -> 6 Drops of Red Syrup -> Cream Cherry

That’s all folks for now!!! Hope it’s of help ^^

Stupidness 3 Review/Walkthrough


Every time I try out a sequel of a game/watch a sequel of a movie, I half-expect it to be worst off than the original. Thus, if I come across a sequel (or prequel) that matches up to the standard of the first movie/game, I would be surprised, in a good way of course.

This iPhone game app, Stupidness 3, is one of them. The stages, as usual, requires you to think out of the box. It was not, to me, a disappointment at all. Also, if you wish to get a free extra 10 stages in the FREE version, all you need to do is to simply post your IQ result on Facebook. (I have the feeling that many people would just do it and delete the post afterwards. Haha.) ┬áThe best part is it’s general content and thus all family members can enjoy it. You don’t have to worry about explicit content because there’re none of those at all. And believe me it’s a fun game to wild the time away.

Up next is of course the walkthrough for the FREE stages. Here’s the breakdown reason why I don’t have the FULL version: Poor -> No money get credit card -> Can’t pay for the full stage

Nevertheless, I hope the walkthrough for the free stages will help some of you out there all the same.


  1. Who is shorter? (Tap the turtle)
  2. What is the next number? (Type in 12)
  3. Which room is the safest? (A room with lions that were starved for 3 years – they’d be dead by then) THEN TAP TO CONTINUE
  4. Tap on the right tick (Turn the phone upside down and click on the tick on your right)
  5. Which one is furthest from us? (Click on the moon – it’s literally the furthest from the word ‘us’ on your phone)
  6. Cut the blue wire (Swipe your finger across the blue wire to make a cut, careful! don’t swipe the other colours too!)
  7. C’mon, catch the shooting star (Position your finger at a certain spot and tap on the star. Don’t try to follow it.)
  8. What’s the next number? (Move up the ‘blank’ to make a negative sign and then type in 3)
  9. Cut the blue wire (Swipe your finger across the wires until you reach the blue wire, then swipe the blue wire to cut it)
  10. Hide the elephant (Drag the elephant towards the right until it’s out of the screen)
  11. Arrange the number to form the biggest number possible (Move 2 and 1 to the top right of 3 to make 3^21)
  12. Shoot the bird (tap and hold to aim the arrow towards the word ‘bird’ and release)
  13. Push the box in the given direction (DO NOT PUT YOUR FINGER DIRECTLY ON THE BOX!! Place your finger just a little to the left of the box and drag it slowly in the direction shown; this will in turn push the box)
  14. Fit the shapes completely in the outlines (Put all 3 pieces in the blank square. it will all fit in just nicely)
  15. Arrange the numbers to form the smallest number (Move the ‘.’ next to ‘2’ to form 2.34)
  16. Push the button three times (Position your finger slightly above the button, and push it downwards 3x. DON’T TAP THE BLUE BUTTON DIRECTLY!)
  17. Arrange the numbers to form 16. (Just drag the ‘1’ in the ’16’ to the top right number of 3, now the 16 will be 6 and thus the equation will be correct.)
  18. Complete the equation (Put the cat and fish each into the separate boxes, and rub off the word ‘fish’. After all, the cat eats the fish and we’re now left with just the cat.)
  19. Push the button (position your finger below the word ‘button’ and push it upwards)
  20. Tap on the longer arrow (Combine the 3rd and 1st arrow by moving the 3rd arrow up towards the 1st arrow. Then just tap the arrow.)
  21. Remove the apples from the tree (drag the apples off the tree, and then shake your phone to remove the rest of the hidden apples)
  22. Tap on the correct equation (just flip the phone upside down. 12 = 6+6 and tap on it.
  23. Let there be summer (Move the earth towards the sun BUT NOT TOO CLOSE)
  24. Let there be winter (Move the earth away from the sun)
  25. Let there be night (Move the sun away from the earth until it’s out of the screen)
  26. Let there be wind (Move the earth around)
  27. Let there be no earth (Drag it towards the sun until the sun can destroy it)
  28. Shake only the right hand (tap the right hand, leave your finger there, and shake your phone)
  29. How many stars will you rate this game? (I rated 5, though I’ve never tried the others and have no idea what happens if you rate it lower)
Now, just enjoy the game! HAHAHAHA!!!