Life IS A Bed of Roses ~ (a short random post which came from nowhere)

Whenever people say ‘life isn’t always a bed of roses’, I have an innate urge to rebut. Cause to me, Life IS a darn bed of roses.

Here’s the thing – when people hear this particular phrase, the imagery that which appears in their head is a pile of ONLY rose petals or flowers (thus the ‘bed’) -> this in turns equates to and depicts having a pretty nice life. And considering what life is like, (life ain’t always nice and doesn’t usually go according to what you have planned out), we thus agree with the phrase ‘Life isn’t always a bed of roses’.

I, however, imagine things a little differently. To me, a bed of roses includes ALL parts of the rose plant – flowers, buds, leaves, branches, thorns alike – and not just the petals with their oh-so-sweet fragrance (do forgive me. I kind of like the scent of roses). While the flowers depict our sweet/nice/everything-goes-according-to-plan side of life, the thorns hurt you. And let’s face it. Life does hurt us at times, non?

If you’ve never been hurt, it’s either:

  • You’ve never actually lived life before OR
  • You are pretty sheltered (Lucky you!)

So…Life really IS a bed of roses after all. It can throw you into scenarios which:

  • Really hurt you (like the thorns): Having Setbacks, Failing interviews and tests, Getting rejected etc.

and also

  • Are pretty smooth-sailing (like the soft rose petals and flowers): Success, Having a Family, Stable Job etc.

So the next time someone says life isn’t always a bed of roses, I suppose you COULD try repeating this.


Titanic Exhibition ~ at MBS Museum

Ahh ~~ Titanic. The tragic tale of a ship that never made it to it’s destination. A story of love and lost, hope and despair.

A couple of weeks back, I was at Marina Bay Sands with my partner and we decided to pay the Titanic Exhibition a visit, partly cause I was bored and didn’t wanna go home so early.

So we queued and before entering the actual exhibition, we were given ‘tickets’. In this case, they resembled the boarding tickets that were used in the past. Here are mine and my partner’s:

'All aboard the Titanic with these passes!'

Sweet huh? Talk about a unique way of presentation. Seriously loved it. And thus our journey began…

Many things were shown in the Titanic Exhibition, namely:

  1. The history of Titanic from its conceptualization/designing all the way till its last breath (and everything in between of course) – with various dates being put up to give the patron a better understanding of what was done during which date/day.
  2. Many  artifacts (all original) collected from the Titanic’s wreckage and what remained of it (toothbrushes, compact mirrors, dining ware, sinks, taps, clothes etc.)
  3. Mini previews of what the various rooms of different classes looked like – first class, second class and third class
  4. A preview of what the grand staircase looked like was also re-enacted for us to see. (a professional photographer was there to help take photos but since neither of us were dressed up, we gave it a pass)
  5. A block of ice was also part of the exhibition. There were many handprints on it – some quite shallow, while others very deep. Apparently some people must have bloody thick-skinned to withstand that level of cold. Sadly I didn’t even last for 3 seconds before deciding to pull back lest I had frostbite

And of course…stories and quotes of Titanic’s original passengers were shown. That was probably the most touching part. There were similar tales of ‘Rose and Jack’ told across, with some women even staying behind with their husbands. ‘Till Death Do Us Part’ indeed.

Here’s a video of the Titanic Exhibition (in Singapore) for those of you who are curious:

Do drop by if you have the time. Really, it’s absolutely worth it.

Reminiscence ~ of Schzool and Teenhood

Today marks the final day of my internship, which means it’s technically my last day official day in school before graduation and entering the real world.

It’s scary they say, out there in the working world. Enjoy your schooling days while you can, cause working life is a different ball game altogether. After working for approximately 2.5 months, I must say, I quite agree.

Anyway, as I’m typing this, my mind’s kinda’ flying back to the good ol’ days where I was still schooling, where I first entered teenhood and when I started growing up.

Admittedly I might not have a normal teenhood, but still, I did go through some common stages.

Here’s a story that might be of interest to all you people out there who have been through school (or are still schooling)…or simply wish to reminisce those golden days…


Every class have their own collection of weird people. In Schzool, we have a collection of humans tagged with ‘animals’ and this is the diary of my days in Schzool.

Chapter 1: Introductions

Do enjoy your read. It will most definitely bring a smile upon your face.  And no there’re no real animals involved.

Cheers ~