Discussion – How to deal with (ab)normal families?

Ok. I have a few questions regarding family rules, expectations and what-nots. Basically regarding the trying time of a teenager/adolescent.

SO … here are a few questions that I have:

  1. I understand that being an authoritarian parent could potentially lead the child to have a lack of self-esteem, finding it hard to break away from the family, and staying emotionally dependent on their parents indefinitely. HOW should the adolescent deal with it if the parent (specifically mother) WANTS the child to be dependent on her for the rest of the child’s life saying things like ‘I’ll take care of her for the rest of her life’ even though the parent knows very well that (s)he has to go one day. Advice?
  2. How should the adolescent deal with parents who only know how to emotionally abuse/manipulate him/her? Ranging from things such as controlling his/her social circle to threatening his/her (the parent’s) own life if the adolescent does not heed to what the parent say?
  3. What should an adolescent do if his/her parents are bringing him/her into their conflicts constantly to be a mediator and the adolescent is getting very sick and tired of it?
  4. How should an adolescent deal with a pair of parents who are constantly at odds with each other and not keeping in touch with each other’s policy thus giving rise to conflicting ways of bringing up the adolescent and confusing him/her? And how would it affect the adolescent?
  5. Last question. If the adolescent feels he/she is being emotionally manipulated and abused by a parent, how can she seek help? Let us assume there’re no physical scars and the parent is glib-tongued, able to conveniently forget key things that the parent said/did to the teen that makes him/her very upset and emotionally unstable.

If there’re any people out there who could answer my questions I’d appreciate it.

If possible, TRY to keep trolling to a minimum. I’m helping a friend here. Unless you’re just a huge ass to which I wish hell rains down upon you.