The Avengers Movie @ IMAX in 3D

I’ve only got one word. Yes. Just ONE BLOODY WORD to describe the experience of watching the Avengers Movie @ IMAX in 3D.

And that’s…


The level of awesomeness is SO high that no words are enough to describe it. And I’m not kidding. I’m pretty sure those of you who have actually watched it would agree with me.

Before anything, here’s the synopsis of The Avengers:

Marvel Studios presents Marvel’s Avengers Assemble — the Super Hero team-up of a lifetime, featuring iconic Marvel Super Heroes Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow. When an unexpected enemy emerges threatening global safety and security, Nick Fury; Director of the international peacekeeping agency known as S.H.I.E.L.D., finds himself in need of a team to pull the world back from the brink of disaster. Spanning the globe, a daring recruitment effort begins…

Starring Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner and Tom Hiddleston, with Stellan Skarsgård and Samuel L. Jackson, and written and directed by Joss Whedon, Marvel’s Avengers Assemble is based on the ever-popular Marvel comic book series “The Avengers,” first published in 1963 and a comics institution ever since.

Prepare yourself for an exciting event movie, packed with action and spectacular special effects, when Marvel’s Avengers Assemble hits cinemas on April 26 2012.

The movie was definitely not a disappointment at all. Everyone had their fair share of screen time:


Tony Stark aka Ironman (Robert Downey Jr.) with his snarkiness

Steve Rogers aka Captain America(Chris Evans) and his die-heart soldier’s attitude

Bruce Banner aka The Hulk along with his brute strength and intelligence

Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and his trusty hammer

Clint Barton aka Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) with Agent Natalia Romanova aka Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson)  equipped with an archery set and pistols respectively, and of course their skills in assassination.

And how can we forget ‘the man himself’ who brought together the entire team –

 Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson)

and our badass villian, Asgardian Loki (Tom HIddleston).

Each characters have their own personality/quirks, which initially made them a ‘ticking time bomb’ as quoted by Bruce Banner. Stark and Bruce became quick buddies because of their wit and intellect (nobody else understood what they were saying when they spoke about astro-physics). Steve Rogers and Stark hated each other’s guts in the beginning and oh yeah, because of how Thor took Loki away, Stark had a battle with Thor. (Stark headbutt Thor, a demigod, and nearly had his own armor dented when Thor returned one of his own)

Of course, they did eventually learn to work as a team…through some external intervention. Yes. The interventions usually includes being ass-whipped by the enemy, including Hawkeye who…well…had a spell cast on him by Loki and ended up being mind-controlled.

Initially simply portrayed as an action-filled show, I was very surprised to find a hell lot of comedic scenes in there as well. None of which came across as lame to me. The humor is subtle yet it tickled my funny bone enough to give me a tummyache laughing.

Here are some favourite scenes of mine from the movie: (SPOILERS AHEAD!)

1. Loki gets whacked by Hulk after declaring himself a god, with Hulk walking away saying ‘Puny God’ (chibi comic:

2. Thor and Ironman (Stark) have a headbutting session during their fight scenes, with Ironman getting a dent in his suit.

3. After Nick Fury uses the ‘flying monkey’ reference with regards to Loki’s mind control ability, everyone turns to Captain America (Steve Rogers), as if wondering if he caught the reference, which he did.

4. How Black Widow acted (either that or made a supremely quick recovery) during her interrogation of Loki, getting the necessary information for the team.

5. Thor getting slammed into by Tony just after he telling Loki to listen up, to which of course the Asgardian simply sat and smiled in reply, ‘I’m listening’ to thin air.

6. The fight scenes between the aliens and the Avengers. All of it.

7. Loki announcing to Tony that he has an Army while Tony simply replied ‘We have a Hulk’ in a nonchalant manner.

8. Hawkeye twisting and turning around mid-jump off a building and shoot. *fangirl mode activated*

9. Loki’s costume morph from a normal tuxedo suit into his god costume.

10. Thor receiving a random punch from Hulk and he flies off-screen.


And there’re some subtle references to other movies as well…(Twilight and Starwars) go fig XD

So yeah, that’s about it.

Really, go watch it. You will NOT regret it I tell you.


P.S. Go onto Youtube and have fun watching the clips if you haven’t ^^

iPhone Gelato Mania Walkthrough (World 1 Level 19-27)

Sooo here’s the next 9 levels! I’m really sorry for the slow and infrequent updates ><” Happens when you’re working =p sorry work comes first for me after all ^^ HAHAHAHA! Ok let’s get on with it…

Level 19: Pink Plate -> Ball-shape thing with beads -> Green Bucket -> Remove Ball-Shape thing

Level 20: Ball-shape thing with beads -> Pink Bucket -> Horizontal Ring -> Brown Bucket -> Remove Horizontal ring -> Mini left pink scoop -> Mini left green scoop -> Mini right cream scoop -> Mini brown cream scoop

Level 21: Horizontal Ring -> Pink Bucket -> Brown Plate -> Remove Horizontal Ring -> Blend -> Mini left brown scoop, Mini right brown scoop -> Close Shelf -> 4 drops of Red Syrup -> 2 Shakes of Rainbow Sprinkles -> Cherry

Level 22: Horizontal Ring -> Pink Bucket -> Vertical Ring (DO NOT REMOVE HORIZONTAL RING) -> Brown Bucket -> Remove Both Rings -> Blend -> Mini Left cream scoop -> Mini left brown scoop -> Close Shelf -> Cream -> Cherry

Level 23: Horizontal Ring -> Pink Bucket -> Brown Plate -> Mask with eye holes -> Green Bucket -> Mini right cream scoop -> 4 drops of Yellow Syrup -> Cherry

Level 24: Helmet -> Brown Bucket -> Remove Helmet -> Ball-shape thing with beads -> Pink Bucket -> New scoop of ice-cream -> 2 Shakes of brown sprinkles

Level 25: Brown Bucket -> Vertical Ring -> Cream Bucket -> New Scoop of Ice-cream -> Sunglasses -> Brown Bucket -> Horizontal Ring AND Vertical Ring -> Cream Bucket -> Mini Left Cream Scoop -> Mini Right Cream Scoop -> 4 drops of Brown Syrup

Level 26: Pink Bucket -> Helmet -> Cream Bucket -> Vertical Ring -> Cream Bucket -> Cherry

Level 27: Pink Bucket -> Helmet -> Cream Bucket -> Balls shape thing with beads -> Brown Bucket -> 2 shakes of peanut sprinkles

Look out for more! I should be able to update this tonight…for the rest of the World I stages.


The Myth Soundtrack – 美丽的神话

Up till today, I have never EVER watched The Myth. In fact, I overheard the song somewhere on TV ‘Endless Love’ sung by Jackie Chan and Kim Hee Seon. I loved this song and couldn’t stop listening to it. It was really nice, I admit. Soothing and pleasing to the ear, touching too.

Then, one day, curious me decided to do some exploring and I found this version of the song. The title is 美丽的神话 (Beautiful Legend) and its sung by 孫楠 & 韓紅 (Sun Nan & Han Hong). Same melody but different lyrics. While Jackie Chan’s version had a mixture of both Chinese and Korean, this one was pure Chinese. To say I love it would be the understatement of the century. This is one of the few music pieces written in the modern times that I actually love and had my heart melting after listening to it.

美丽的神话 is a truly heartbreaking love song. The melody is enough to move any stone-hard heart, add in the lyrics and it’s the perfect recipe to cry. Yes, I cried when I first listened to this song. Here’s a Music Video if it with snippets taken from the movie The Myth:

Lyrics: [English translation by me, tried my best but not 100% accurate so do forgive me]

Chinese Lyrics 

男︰夢中人熟悉的臉孔 你是我守候的溫柔
       就算淚水淹沒天地 我不會放手
       每一刻孤獨的承受 只因我曾許下承諾
   合︰你我之間熟悉的感動 愛就要甦醒

   女︰萬世滄桑唯有愛是 永遠的神話
       潮起潮落始終不悔 真愛的相約
       幾番苦痛的糾纏多 少黑夜掙扎
       緊握雙手讓我和你 再也不離分

   男︰枕上雪冰封的愛戀 真心相擁才能融解
   合︰風中搖曳爐上的火 不滅亦不休
       等待花開春去春又來 無情歲月笑我癡狂
       心如鋼鐵任世界荒蕪 思念永相隨

   男︰萬世滄桑唯有愛是 永遠的神話
       潮起潮落始終不悔 真愛的相約
       幾番苦痛的糾纏多 少黑夜掙扎
       緊握雙手讓我和你 再也不離分

 *合︰悲歡歲月唯有愛是 永遠的神話
       誰都沒有遺忘古老 古老的誓言
       你的淚水化為漫天 飛舞的彩蝶
       愛是翼下之風兩心 相隨自在飛
       悲歡歲月唯有愛是 永遠的神話
       誰都沒有遺忘古老 古老的誓言
       你的淚水化為漫天 飛舞的彩蝶
       愛是翼下之風兩心 相隨自在飛


Pinyin + English Translation

meng zhong ren shou xi de lian kong (Amongst familiar faces in my dream)
ni shi wo shou hou de wen rou (You’re the warmth which I protect)
jiu suan lei shui yan mo tian di (Even if tears engulfed the world)
wo bu hui fang shou (I’ll never let go)

mei yi ke gu du de cheng shou (Every loneliness I bear )
zhi yin wo ceng xu xia cheng nuo (is because of promises I made)
ni wo zhi jian shou xi de gan dong (The familiar touches we have between us)
ai jiu yao su xing (thus awakens love)

wan shi chang sang wei you ai shi yong yuan de shen hua (Though thousands of years bring about great changes, love remains a legend forever)
chao qi chao luo shiz hong bu hui zhen ai de xiang yue (Dynasties fall and rise, yet true love never regrets)
ji fan ku tong de jiu chan duo shao hei ye zheng zha (Suffering and fighting endless painful nights)
jin wo shuang shou rang wo he ni zai ye bu li fen (Hold my hand tight and we’ll never be apart)

zheng shang xue bing feng de ai lian (As love is hidden by a blanket of ice)
zhen xin xiang yong lan cai neng rong jie (only by truly wanting it can it be melted)
feng zhong yao ye lu shang de huo (A furnace of fire within the wind,)
bu mie yi bu xiu (blazing endlessly for eternity)

deng dai hua kai chun qu chun you lai (Waiting through endless cycles of springs)
wu qing sui yue xiao wo chi kuang (Heartless months laughing at my foolishness)
xin ru gang tie ren shi jie huang wu (Even in a barren world where one’s heart is steeled)
si nian yong xiang sui (sentimental thoughts will forever go hand-in-hand)

wan shi chang sang wei you ai shi yong yuan de shen hua (Though thousands of years bring about great changes, love remains a legend forever)
chao qi chao luo shi zhong bu hui zhen ai de xiang yue (Dynasties fall and rise, yet true love never regrets)
ji fan ruo tong de jiu chan duo shao hei ye zheng zha (Suffering and fighting endless painful nights)
jin wo shuang shou rang wo he ni zai ye bu li fen (Hold my hand tight and we’ll never be apart)

bei huan sui yue wei you ai shi yong yuan de shen hua (Countless years of joy and sorrow, yet love remains the only eternal legend)
shui dou mei you yi wang gu lao ,gu lao de shi yan (with no one forgetting the ancient oath)
ni de lei shui hua wei man tian fei wu de cai die (Your tears paint a sky filled with dancing butterflies)
ai shi yi xia zhi feng liang xin xiang sui zi zai fei (Love is the wind beneath our wings, letting two hearts fly freely hand-in-hand)

bei huan sui yue wei you ai shi yong yuan de shen hua (Countless years of joy and sorrow, yet love remains the only eternal legend)
shui dou mei you yi wang gu lao ,gu lao de shi yan (with no one forgetting the ancient oath)
ni de lei shui hua wei man tian fei wu de cai die (Your tears paint a sky filled with dancing butterflies)
ai shi yi xia zhi feng liang xin xiang sui zi zai fei (Love is the wind beneath our wings, letting two hearts fly freely hand-in-hand)

ni shi wo xin zhong wei yi mei li de shen hua (You’re the beautiful legend in my heart)

Stupidness 3 Review/Walkthrough


Every time I try out a sequel of a game/watch a sequel of a movie, I half-expect it to be worst off than the original. Thus, if I come across a sequel (or prequel) that matches up to the standard of the first movie/game, I would be surprised, in a good way of course.

This iPhone game app, Stupidness 3, is one of them. The stages, as usual, requires you to think out of the box. It was not, to me, a disappointment at all. Also, if you wish to get a free extra 10 stages in the FREE version, all you need to do is to simply post your IQ result on Facebook. (I have the feeling that many people would just do it and delete the post afterwards. Haha.)  The best part is it’s general content and thus all family members can enjoy it. You don’t have to worry about explicit content because there’re none of those at all. And believe me it’s a fun game to wild the time away.

Up next is of course the walkthrough for the FREE stages. Here’s the breakdown reason why I don’t have the FULL version: Poor -> No money get credit card -> Can’t pay for the full stage

Nevertheless, I hope the walkthrough for the free stages will help some of you out there all the same.


  1. Who is shorter? (Tap the turtle)
  2. What is the next number? (Type in 12)
  3. Which room is the safest? (A room with lions that were starved for 3 years – they’d be dead by then) THEN TAP TO CONTINUE
  4. Tap on the right tick (Turn the phone upside down and click on the tick on your right)
  5. Which one is furthest from us? (Click on the moon – it’s literally the furthest from the word ‘us’ on your phone)
  6. Cut the blue wire (Swipe your finger across the blue wire to make a cut, careful! don’t swipe the other colours too!)
  7. C’mon, catch the shooting star (Position your finger at a certain spot and tap on the star. Don’t try to follow it.)
  8. What’s the next number? (Move up the ‘blank’ to make a negative sign and then type in 3)
  9. Cut the blue wire (Swipe your finger across the wires until you reach the blue wire, then swipe the blue wire to cut it)
  10. Hide the elephant (Drag the elephant towards the right until it’s out of the screen)
  11. Arrange the number to form the biggest number possible (Move 2 and 1 to the top right of 3 to make 3^21)
  12. Shoot the bird (tap and hold to aim the arrow towards the word ‘bird’ and release)
  13. Push the box in the given direction (DO NOT PUT YOUR FINGER DIRECTLY ON THE BOX!! Place your finger just a little to the left of the box and drag it slowly in the direction shown; this will in turn push the box)
  14. Fit the shapes completely in the outlines (Put all 3 pieces in the blank square. it will all fit in just nicely)
  15. Arrange the numbers to form the smallest number (Move the ‘.’ next to ‘2’ to form 2.34)
  16. Push the button three times (Position your finger slightly above the button, and push it downwards 3x. DON’T TAP THE BLUE BUTTON DIRECTLY!)
  17. Arrange the numbers to form 16. (Just drag the ‘1’ in the ’16’ to the top right number of 3, now the 16 will be 6 and thus the equation will be correct.)
  18. Complete the equation (Put the cat and fish each into the separate boxes, and rub off the word ‘fish’. After all, the cat eats the fish and we’re now left with just the cat.)
  19. Push the button (position your finger below the word ‘button’ and push it upwards)
  20. Tap on the longer arrow (Combine the 3rd and 1st arrow by moving the 3rd arrow up towards the 1st arrow. Then just tap the arrow.)
  21. Remove the apples from the tree (drag the apples off the tree, and then shake your phone to remove the rest of the hidden apples)
  22. Tap on the correct equation (just flip the phone upside down. 12 = 6+6 and tap on it.
  23. Let there be summer (Move the earth towards the sun BUT NOT TOO CLOSE)
  24. Let there be winter (Move the earth away from the sun)
  25. Let there be night (Move the sun away from the earth until it’s out of the screen)
  26. Let there be wind (Move the earth around)
  27. Let there be no earth (Drag it towards the sun until the sun can destroy it)
  28. Shake only the right hand (tap the right hand, leave your finger there, and shake your phone)
  29. How many stars will you rate this game? (I rated 5, though I’ve never tried the others and have no idea what happens if you rate it lower)
Now, just enjoy the game! HAHAHAHA!!!




Dragon Nest (SEA) review

Ha ha ~ to all gamers out there I believe most, if not all, have heard of one of the latest games – Dragon Nest. (not to be insulting but sometimes when people say it, I mishear it as Dragon Ass =/) Well I decided to do a mini review on this game after playing it for quite some time (aka a few weeks or months? can’t rmb)

What I think

The characters in Dragon Nest come across to me as – you got it – cute. Think doe-eyed chibi elves running around carrying a variety of weapons. HOWEVER, that’s not the reason why I am still playing the game. In truth, I rather like the overall scenery and game layout. We have three main cities: Mana Ridge, Ironwood Village and Carderock Pass (as far as I know Saint’s Haven is not out yet in the version that I’m playing. DRAGON NEST SEA!!! Y U NO UPDATE SAINT’S HAVEN IN?!?!) and other areas where we go to for various dungeons. I think it’s a whole lot easier compared to some other mmorpg games. As a fan of mmorpg games, I enjoy downloading random games and playing them. So far, the list of games I have tried out are:

  1. Maple (didn’t last for more than a few weeks)
  2. Fiesta (Lasted quite awhile)
  3. WOW ( Lasted quite awhile)
  4. Shaiya (still playing)
  5. Cabel Online (Lasted awhile)
  6. 9Dragons (still playing)
and many more which I can’t recall their names.
Personally, I prefer having a main town and going off to do quests in separate dungeons. It makes things a whole lot easier especially when clearing quests at the end of it all. Truth be told, the idea of having to run around an entire map just to look for NPCs is a turn-off for me. I like having my NPCs gathered at one place thank you very much.
Though there are different main cities/towns, the lower levelled characters would start in Mana Ridge and Ironwood Village, before moving onto Carderock Pass. The game would normally steer you in a direction that allows you to complete all (or most) of your quests in the ‘Beginner’ areas (Mana Ridge and Ironwood) before moving on.  That way, the chances of you running back and forth between towns are lowered drastically. Even for quests that requires you to run around looking for people, it is mostly in the town itself or just one or two gates away. You don’t have to run/walk/crawl/slither (depending on what character you choose in any games) halfway round the world.
Another thing, I’m not sure whether it’s on purpose, but I would like to think that the creators of Dragon Nest have a sense of humour. If you listen to the NPC’s dialogue when talking to them, listen and not see, you would notice some fairly amusing statements. An example is by Deckard found in Carderock Pass: “Let’s go kick some dragon’s *cough* behind” There are quite a few others, so just explore and have fun finding out.
Of course, I hope that in the future we could customise our characters even more. At the moment, the genders for each class is limited: Warriors and Clerics are ALWAYS males, while Archers and Sorceress are ALWAYS females. And do take note if you are playing with your friends. Choosing different classes might land you in different starting areas and strategise a little if you would like to play the Abyss (aka the HARDEST) stage of any dungeons.
Bite-sized Information/tips about the game
If you choose a Warrior or Archer, you would find yourself starting off at Ironwood Village; whereas selecting a Sorceress or Cleric lands you over at Mana Ridge.
You can enhance your items at the Merchant shop – earlier staged items require just a few coppers, but late-game items would require jewel fragments. Before starting any dungeon quests in the beginning, enhance your items till a +6 appears behind their names. Trust me, it makes a whole lot of difference and your levelling journey will be much easier.
If, by any chance, you happened to make a mistake in the process of increasing your skill level, do not fret. As long as you are still below level 15, you’ll get a chance to reset your skill points at level 15. After that, however, you’ll have to plan your skills properly because there’s no second chance…unless you restart your character.